These three types of products are most suitable for social marketing. See if you choose the right?

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  1. The Internet allows everyone and every brand to connect consumers in the shortest and fastest way. The community is one of the hottest ways nowadays. Because the community is closest to the target customer, that is, the closest to money, everyone wants to do it!

    In actual operation, many people don't want anything, just do it first: Jianqun! Constantly building groups ... But as for this group, what is the purpose? How to operate in the future, I didn't think clearly.

    The people in the handheld operation exchange group asked the consultant and said that watching the furniture of the next door to sell mobile phones and selling fitness cards next door, why not my project?

    In fact, there is a problem of choosing a product, not all products are suitable for social marketing. Next, Teacher Gao, an operating consultant, tell you what kind of products are suitable for community.


    The product features are that many people can be used together and hobbies together. For example, a hot pot restaurant, the product is hot pot.

    Min people take food as the sky. Eating is that everyone cannot be separated every day, and it will not be rejected when it comes to it, and the taste of hot pot is diverse. Ingredients, what kind of seasoning can change what taste, new tricks every day, naturally very popular.

    For example, a child toy store, the product is toys. At present, the quality education of children is increasingly valued by various families. More attention to the cultivation of children's hands -on operation and the improvement of thinking logic, so now children's toys are generally higher and high -end.

    The toys itself comes with the characteristics of complex operation. It belongs to its own halo products. With the children's multiple operations, the improvement of ability and thinking will be the topic of parents. I am willing to share, and naturally it has a strong extension.

    The extension scene of the product has clustering

    However, it will form a circle, such as outdoor tourism products and sports equipment. People who love sports may wear sportswear in a circle to communicate with sports experience. Rider can also form a cycling experience to share the circle. Everyone is in the community in the community. You can share common hobbies.

    For example, fitness club. At present, fitness is also a topic that everyone cannot do. Everyone wants to have a strong physique and good figure. However, fitness is extremely scientific operation. Professional teachers and institutions can not only ensure the maximum effect, but also effectively prevent excessive exercise of the body and cause damage.

    The fitness is actually complex, and there are many kinds of fitness projects. The focus of each person's exercise is also different. Encouraged, so a group of people who love to fitness or prepare for fitness gathered together, discussed, and shared the number of topics, and naturally they were extended.

    Moving marketing can be played by doing the fitness community, such as: fitness equipment (necessary at home), professional fitness clothing, healthy and scientific food (medicine), etc.

    content products of virtual value
    mainly exist in the way of output value content, which is also the most common at the moment A sort of.

    For example, real estate agencies, speculators have the professional knowledge of real estate purchases, so that the "Real Estate University" community formed mainly uses guidance, suggestions, and sharing to export the hotspot of the home industry. Real estate itself is a topic of ultra -heat, and it is something that people are easy to discuss after a meal.

    The market conditions are ups and downs. Once you are preparing to buy a house, there are many considerations. There are many details that you may not control the control. You need to find a professional place for learning and consulting.

    Is imagination: If a real estate community, the number of members gather thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, and most of them are interested customers. What a huge and valuable value "Vantage", then isn't it the "fragrant" of all real estate companies and intermediary companies. How big is profitable.

    . For example, educational institutions are also typical content -based communities, mainly output learning knowledge, adult education learning group, workplace skills learning group, and so on.

    In all community types, education and learning communities are the easiest to succeed and the easiest to market. This also explains why there are so many paid products, knowledge payment is as paid like The reason why the rain came out of the rain.

    This Hi Hi Operation Consultant Summary: Whether a product is suitable for communities, mainly to see if people in the group have common hobbies, interests, or can surround products, or product extension scenes, etc. Exchange topics.

    It also depends on whether it has "complex operability" and "extension" characteristics. If it meets, it is suitable for social marketing.

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