1 thought on “How to solve the version of Douyin Live Partner Account Lock Edition”

  1. 1. Open the Douyin live partner in the mobile phone, enter the login page to enter the account number and password of the lock version, and click on the login to pop up a prompt that cannot be logged in. Click the lock button in the lower right corner of the prompt window.
    2, click the lock button.
    3, input to unlock the lock version of the Douyin live partner account.
    4. After the Douyin Live Partner Account Input is completed, the next step is clicked, and a verification window will pop up to complete the verification according to the prompts.
    5, after successful verification, you need to enter your mobile phone number and the receiving mobile phone verification code, and click the next button.
    6. Click the next button to prompt the lock version to be successful, and we can log in to the Douyin live partner account normally.

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