BTS4300SGA is a dual channel intelligent high-side power switch

Character description

Suitable for 12V application
Overload protection
Current limit
Short circuit protection
Restart during thermal shutdown
Overvoltage protection (including load drop)
Fast demagnetization of inductive load
External current reverse battery protection
Open missed diagnostic output
Open-circuit load detection in OFF state
CMOS compatible input
Ground loss and Vbb protection loss
Electrostatic discharge protection
Very low standby current
AEC certification
Environmental protection products (RoHS compliant)

BTS4300SGA is a dual channel intelligent high-side power switchNegative voltage clamp at the output end, with inductive load
Flag failure events (status pins)
Current limit
Very low standby current
Restart during thermal shutdown
Electrostatic discharge protection
Potential applications

Body control module
Seat control
Distributed mirror module
Distributed lighting module
Start and stop the transfer
HEV main battery pack
Infotainment system

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