BALLUFF Baruff Sensor (Germany)

Founded in 1921, BALLUFF is one of the world's leading sensor manufacturers, providing innovative and practical testing solutions for a wide range of applications in the automotive, metallurgical, machine tool and wind power industries. Headquartered in Noenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany, Baruff enjoys one of the highest growth rates in the country, especially in the automation and energy industries, with production sites in Germany, the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Hungary, China and Japan.

The market spread all over the world, attaching great importance to the joint development of localization and globalization. Has a worldwide reputation for sensor technology. Baruff is the first and only sensor manufacturer in Brazil that is engaged in its own production. Today Baruff is no longer located in Neuhausen, but in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and all other important markets, providing customers with high quality sensor, identification and networking solutions in all areas of automation.

Outstanding features: For the German sensor products, the sensor is made of photoelectric sensors, therefore, its performance in the industry is quite good, but the price is not low. In addition to the scanner, safety curtain, laser ranging and water level switch.

And Baruff's inductive proximity switch is very good, even better than the Hick, and the photoelectric switch is relatively general, is the so-called specialization. Therefore, it is said that if you buy Sik for optoelectronics, you buy Baruff for proximity switches. If CONSIDER PRICE, DO NOT HAVE TOO MUCH REQUIREMENT AGAIN TO PERFORMANCE, THE TWO BRANDS OF Germany ARE GOOD.

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