What is a wafer?

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NVIDIA RTX40 series of graphics cards launched in August

NVIDIA's next generation gaming line includes the GeForce RTX 4090, RTX 4080, and RTX 4070, which are expected to launch in Q3 and Q4 2022, according to previous sources. Recently,… Read more

The United States has developed a plastic chip that costs less than a penny and could usher in a new era of electronics

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With a total investment of 2.16 billion yuan, the project of producing 10,000 tons of electronic gas per year has been started

On June 26, yidu city, Hubei province held the commencement ceremony of the major project in June 2022 and the 10,000-ton electronic gas project of Hubei Zhonghua Electronic New Material… Read more

Analog chip prices or unilateral downlink

Texas Instruments, a maker of analog chips, has told customers that the supply-demand imbalance will ease in the second half of this year. That followed a nearly 80% drop in… Read more

Battery recycling: Volvo Group invests in stationary energy storage System Innovation company

Connected Energy, a UK company that builds stationary Energy storage systems based on batteries for decommissioned electric cars, has raised £15m from five new investors, including Volvo Group, the Swedish… Read more

High temperature storage test on electronic components

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Necessity of electronic component screening

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What are the commonly used screening items for electronic components?

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Where can the stand or fall of IC chip be seen?

Circuit in the daily maintenance work, how to accurately judge the quality of the circuit in the power supply IC chip, maintenance is important content of TV, audio, video equipment,… Read more