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  1. How to interview the web front -end engineer, which technical questions should be asked 1. Basic knowledge
    We we live in the Internet era, and everything you want to know can almost find relevant information within 15 minutes. However, finding information does not mean that you will use it. I think that all front -end engineers should master some basic knowledge in order to effectively complete their work. If you encounter a problem, do you stop searching for solutions around the Internet, how can it be guaranteed to complete the work on schedule? Listen, who else is saying, "I don't know, but I can search online." Please ask these students to raise it and let everyone know (Raises a Flag for me.). Below I list some basic knowledge points. These are what I think of a front -end engineer (no matter how long the work is) should know that there is no foreign help.
    [List] [*]
    DOM structure -what relationships may there be between the two nodes and how to move arbitrarily between nodes.
    DOM operation -how to add, remove, move, copy, establish and query nodes.
    event -how to use events and what are the main differences between the events and IE and DOM event models.
    -What is this, how to complete a GET request, how to detect errors.
    The strict mode and mixed mode -how to trigger these two modes and distinguish what they mean.
    Box model -the relationship between the outer distance, the inner margin and the border, what is the difference between the box model in the browser below IE 8.
    block level elements and line elements -how to control them with CSS, how they affect the surrounding elements, and how you think you should define them.
    How to use them, what problems they have, and how to solve these problems.
    HTML and xhtml -what is the difference between the two, which one do you think you should use and say a reason.
    json —— what is it, why should it be used, how to use it, and tell the details.
    The reiterated that the above knowledge points should be something you should "think of no need". All the questions I asked at the beginning were to find out your grasp of all these areas of knowledge. Although these knowledge points listed above are not all available, I think you should at least master these to sit in a office with me.
    . A small amount of questions
    This I very much agree with the question of the interviewees, the less the better. Repeatedly asking candidates to be unfair or boring. In any interview, I usually ask only three major questions, but each question will involve multiple aspects I can think of. Answer each big question generally go through a few steps, so that I can ask some small questions in each step. For example:
    It now there is a page that is showing Yahoo! stock price. There is a button on the page. You can click it to re -organize the price, but it will not be reloaded into the page. Please describe the process of implementing this function, assuming that the server is responsible for preparing the correct stock price information.
    This problem involves a set of basic knowledge points I want to examine: DOM structure, DOM operation, event processing, XHR and JSON. If I ask you to change a way to deal with stock prices, or let you show other information on the page, you can include more knowledge points. For those who have rich experience, I can also expand the knowledge scope of the kit to be inspected. The simplest is like the districts of JOSN and XML, security issues, capacity issues, and so on.
    I also want to use the library in any solution given by the candidate. I want to see the most original code code, you do not include any library on the page. You said how much do you know about which library you know, but I can't use the knowledge about library as a factor in judging ability, because the library will change over time. What I need is to truly understand the mechanism behind the library, especially those who can write a library with their own libraries.
    . Solve the problem
    . As a front -end engineer, the most happy thing is to solve the same problem. There will be many different ways. What you have to do is find out the most suitable way to find the most suitable way Come. When I ask questions, I often ask them if there is a second way after the candidate explains a method. At this point I will tell them, assuming that your method is rejected for various reasons, then can you still give another method. This can achieve two purposes.
    First of all, you can test whether they are re -reinstated in the book. It is necessary to admit that some people do have a talent that has been unforgettable. Listening to the endless speaking of them, you will feel that they understand everything. However, as long as they talk to these people how to query the solution invalid, and whether they can come up with a new solution, they are often dumbfounded. At this time, if I heard "I don't understand why this plan is not good enough", I immediately understood that my question had exceeded their ability, and they just wanted to use the conclusions of their own deaths. Pass.
    Secondly, you can test the technical knowledge of the browser. If they have a good understanding of the core knowledge of the browser platform, it is not so difficult to think of different solutions to solve the same problem.
    For a front -end engineer, this is definitely the most important ability. The front -end engineer encountered such a problem that should not have been like this (say you, IE6), it should be said to be a very common thing. A plan is invalid and cannot be done, and the front -end engineer cannot be done.
    . Another reason why candidates solve the problem of the candidate are related to my personal preference. After making a clarification of the candidates and what they do n’t know, I will want to ask questions outside the field of knowledge. The purpose of this is to see how they use existing knowledge to solve new problems. In every step of solving the problem, I also prepared some tips to prevent people from being stuck in the case (15 minutes in front of me, and it is not helpful to me to evaluate this person). What I am really interested in is that they can move from the previous step to the next step. I hope to see a person learn new knowledge in front of me.
    Note: All problems are related to the browser technology. I don't believe that a few abstract logic questions can be examined to test the ability of someone to solve the web technology problem. In my opinion, this is tantamount to drawing a portrait of the sketch (or letting Liu Xiang compete with Bolt in the same field). It has no sense and no valuable information.

    HR generally does not interview too much. The main reason is to understand your previous work experience. More about your description, you may ask some primary questions in the middle, for example, why do you from? Similar issues such as resignation of the previous unit.
    The web front -end engineer face test questions, ask for answers. This layout is most suitable for absolute positioning. The outer layer of ABC is used for a relative positioning. Each column inside is absolutely positioned. As for the CBA and B's width adaptation, it is still absolutely positioned, but only the position of the C, A part to the sides, and the middle column margin is set to the left and right columns.

    Web front -end engineers How can I change jobs? The web front -end development engineer wants to change jobs, at least the following points should be reached:
    1. Master a solid technical foundation,
    The foundation of the program design, HTML is also a specification, a standard, which is marked with each part of the webpage to be displayed by marking symbols. The web file itself is a text file. By adding a new mark in the text file, you can tell the browser how to display the content.
    The maintenance of large CSS code libraries is not easy, especially those CSS scattered CSS scattered codes that are randomly scattered into a mess, so you should master the CSS naming specification Program code.
    2. In -depth understanding of front -end engineering and component development;
    It needs to be familiar with the web front -end framework -React, Vue.js, etc. At the core application development method, front -end engineers should analyze the principle of React's internal working principles and discuss the rendering processes such as simple components and class components in React.
    Vue.js unit testing is an indispensable part of application development. Examples of vue.js unit tests used in daily development, so you should master it.
    3. Proficient in web development related knowledge
    Mly familiar with one back -end language, such as node.js, java, go, etc. Node.js's primary program is started, how to load the internal construction module, how to achieve OS package, and so on.
    4. It has enthusiasm for technology, has a certain front -end architecture or technical depth; has a strong sense of teamwork, can develop more team cooperation; it has better experience in enterprise -level front -end application development experience.
    How to identify that a person is a web front -end engineer front -end engineer needs to understand the design code and JS, and you need to understand some background languages, such as PHP.
    How to realize the dream of becoming a web front -end engineer 1. The entry stage: can solve the level of some problems. There is a certain foundation (such as the most common HTML label and its attributes, events, methods; the most common CSS attributes; basic programming capabilities), can complete some simple web front -end research and development requirements.
    2. Advanced phase: Each method/attribute of encoding helpers such as HTML, CSS and other codes can be read several times! Only by laying the foundation, the future way can go smoothly.
    3. Entering the room: the strongest program code, knowing all kinds of solutions that can solve the needs, and can choose to use the best solution to meet the needs. This level is basically the main force code in product development programming. The programmer should be able to answer: For this demand, my program code is the best code.
    . Pay attention to the details, pay attention to the details given in those current needs: the difference in the effectiveness of the code, the difference in the execution platform (browser), the hidden expansion of the needs of the demand, the backward compatibility of the program code wait.
    How to understand the web front -end engineer and UI designer web front -end engineer do not participate in any design, directly use the PS to use PS to use the effect chart and use it, CSS, JS and other program code for webpage The production of the production finally wrote a static page that complies with the W3C standards of each mainstream browser. At the same time, it is necessary to leave some interfaces of the background data according to the requirements of the background developers. Therefore, the front -end engineer of the website is more programming instead of design.
    UI designers generally learn art or design, and are proficient in graphic design tools such as Photoshop, AI, AE, and their duties in the website development process. Color is in line with Volkswagen's website effects. For example, according to the needs of different industries, design colors and design interface styles, etc. The final result of its work is the effect map of the website.
    WEB front -end engineer advanced learning routes how to learn the Less and SASS can learn, and you can learn in 1,2 days. This is not in a hurry, there is no role in the upper and lower effects, you can take it alone.
    bootstrap is a framework, just look at the most important grid system. Other things are probably understood. Many companies do not allow Bootstrap, but use the original code to write by themselves. This takes no problem for a day.
    node.js and angular are more important. If you learn, you have a step. So focus on this.
    Angular belongs to the MVVM framework. At first, I felt that Angular is quite complicated, so I wanted to learn a simple, lightweight, so I decided to learn Vue first. However, in the process of understanding, I found that many professional terms have never heard of it, or they are not understood. So I started to learn node.js from scratch. In the process of learning Node.js, I started to confused and found a lot of JS where I didn't understand.
    So began to study the DOM, Formulas, AJAX, array, etc. of JS again. In short, it took a long time to waste a long time.
    The last summary. In fact, there is no need to drill so many horns.
    The example of Vue first, where you do n’t understand, directly skipped. Many times, you do n’t understand what you do n’t understand, and you can understand it suddenly. After the cat painted tiger first follows the Vue example, after combing the JS knowledge points involved. When you can make a few small finished products by yourself, you start to combine JS to study node.js. Then involve Angular.
    Angular has almost a general understanding. Instead, you will learn Vue in turn. You will find that you will find a lot of new things.
    The front end of the web is particularly interesting. When you reach a height, you can see the previous technology, you will find, oops, you can find the new continent.
    It Xiamen Web front -end engineers who have trained a lot of training schools, there are no specific measurement standards. But you can choose from several aspects:
    1 There are many outstanding mentors
    2 trains many outstanding students
    3 only do training, no other
    4 A long time.
    The Beijing web front -end engineer training is good to find a place to teach the entire course to learn. The curriculum system is very important. Now the enterprise pays attention to the front -end engineer of the full stack. HTML5 contains the PC end mobile terminal back end. This can only be learned from employment.

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