Is The Inflatable Doll Good Or The Entity Silicone Doll Good?

Because of China's large population base and the imbalance between male and female ratio, more and more people are spending on adult products recently. One might come across a tiktok rose toy that looks as lovely and realistic as a real person, but instead of being a sex doll, it seems to be called a physical doll. So what exactly is a physical doll? How is it any different than a sex doll?

Physical dolls and inflatable dolls which are good​

Sex dolls and physical dolls can be divided into male and female, are able to meet the user's sexual needs of the perfect substitute. ​Therefore, do sex dolls work better or physical dolls?

Inflatable dolls, as the name suggests, are inflatable, that is, filled with gas. They need to be filled with tools to look like human beings, or simply skin. Therefore, the whole production material is essentially made of plastic and elastic film. The quality of the inflatable doll is light, and the gas is also simple after filling, not more than 5 pounds.

Sex dolls are typically in the shape of girls, in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 made of girls, and are equipped with a vagina, anus and mouth that can be opened, so that men can put the penis into the hole, friction and produce pleasure. Sex dolls can replace real people to satisfy orgasms. The inflatable doll is soft and elastic, with skin similar to that of a real girl. And easy to carry and wash, can be used repeatedly.

Physical dolls are perfect works of art, the best and most realistic of all masturbation devices. The entity doll is made of imported silica gel and silicone resin, which keeps the soft and smooth skin of the doll, can withstand 2.8 times of elongation and temperature resistance below 300 degrees. The softness of the silicone makes the doll's chest closer to the real human body, and the vagina and anus are soft, smooth and elastic. Because the entity doll is made of silicone material, its hands and feet and joints are more flexible, but also considerably improve the use of long-term.

In comparison, physical dolls are easy to use, but the price is extra costly, which is not affordable for most people. In general, sex dolls can also meet the sexual needs of users and feel more relaxed.

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