Can TVS diode be replaced with ordinary diode?

TVS diode, also called transient diode, transient voltage suppression diode, transient suppression diode, transient suppression diode, TVS, TVS diode, diode TVS and so on, called many, different customers call slightly different, but things are the same thing, is a surge over voltage protection device.

Transient diode is invented on the basis of voltage regulator diode, is a new type of high efficiency circuit protection device, specially used to suppress transient overvoltage, has superior overvoltage anti-surge protection function.

Can TVS diode be replaced with ordinary diode?

When the circuit is working normally, the transient diode is in a high resistance state, which will not affect the normal operation of the circuit.

When the circuit appears abnormal surge or voltage and reached the transient diode breakdown voltage, the transient diode quickly from high resistance state into low resistance state, instantly absorb a transient overcurrent, the abnormal overvoltage clamp at a lower level, protect the precision device of the circuit after the transient high voltage spike pulse from the impact and damage.

Common diode, there are many kinds, different diode, its function is not the same, the application environment is not the same.

Voltage stabilizer diode is made of pn junction reverse breakdown state, its current can change in a large range and the voltage is basically unchanged phenomenon, the role of voltage stabilizer diode. Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device used to convert alternating current into direct current. It has high breakdown voltage, small reverse leakage current and good high temperature performance. It is mainly used in various power supply rectifier circuits.

According to the definition, transient diode can not be replaced by rectifier diode, regulator diode and other ordinary diodes. If you want to replace the material number, you can find TVS diode models with the same or similar parameters.

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