Mobile aluminium alloy elevator

The mobile aluminium alloy lift and one man bucket lift are dedicated lifts for transporting goods between floors. Because of its large load and quick running speed, it can carry larger cargo.

Mobile aluminum alloy lifting platform product introduction:

1. Adopt advanced technology from Italy, Switzerland, Japan and other countries;

2. ​it has the advantages of novel design, attractive appearance, small volume, light weight, stable lifting and so on;

3. ​the special regulating wheel device between the mast can considerably reduce the deflection and swing momentum of the lifting platform, and can operate multiple sets at the same time;

94d01b0c943569c239cf1a1f6743b4364. ​equipped with an emergency drop valve device in case of power failure and manual drop valve double equipment safety;

5. ​the external power unit is equipped with a sealed profile to cover the product with excellent rain resistance;

6. ​it can be equipped with all kinds of working lamps or lighting fixtures.

Aluminum alloy hydraulic boarding axle (fixed and mobile):​

Aluminum alloy hydraulic boarding axle is divided into fixed and mobile two types. Among them, the fixed type is divided into two forms of scissor-fork type and curved arm type. Its characteristics are: compact structure, reasonable bearing capacity, large service life, convenient operation, reliable, simple and convenient maintenance.

The use and function of the mobile boarding bridge: It is suitable for elevated altitude work when the vehicle enters and leaves the garage in the automobile maintenance industry. The use range is wide, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

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