3 thoughts on “Chongming Island November Play Guide, 2 days for 2 days”

  1. To play in Chongming Island, I suggest you go to the western western Lvhua Town (23 kilometers away from the county seat) where you first have Xisha Wetland, and build a scientific research base with Geological Park Yongji University (probably, unclear university name). Opening is one of the rare river mouth wetlands in the world. You can feel the process of Chongming Island. Next to the wetland is the Pearl Lake, you can also see it by the way, but you need to charge a ticket of 30 yuan. In the northeast of the county, the Dongping National Forest Park is very large, and there are many things to play, but because of the development of funds, the development of funds is not mature enough. Tickets are 40 yuan. After entering, you can take a small train, battery car, and a bicycle. All transportation in the park is free. On the north side of the Forest Park is the farmhouse that can go to fishing and touch the shrimp to taste Chongming’s native dishes. There is no flavor in the small wooden house living there at night. If you bring your own car, you can go to the eastern end of Chongming to see the Dongtan wetland, 60 kilometers away from the county seat (but the immature development there is generally no migratory bird). By the way, see the Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge. The current structure has been connected on the side of Pudong), which is very majestic because it is paving the road. So you ca n’t go to the bridge, you can only take a look at it. Take a few photos. This is just right for two days. By the way: At present, there are only many people who can only take a boat on weekends. Pay attention to buying tickets at the pier in advance, or wait a long time.

  2. On the first day, I went to the Forest Park and the ticket was 40 yuan. You told the taxi driver to go to the forest park.

    It the next day to the farmhouse and the like.

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