1 thought on “How to establish a QQ group for market research”

  1. 1. Submit your website to the search engine so that your website has the possibility of the maximum glory;

    2. If you expect more glowing opportunities, you can pay for search engines SEARCH Engine Marketing. When a viewer searches with a fixed keyword, there will be text ads on your website on the search engine website;

    3, carry out a lottery event. In a certain period of time, if someone registered or subscribed to email communication on your website, he may get free gifts;

    4, send emails to your website registrar every week Communication (E-mail). Provide industry news and skills in the communication, and linked back to your website;

    5, providing free content to other websites. This is a win -win method. Other websites get your article free of charge, which enriches his content, and you improve your prestige and get a link to your website;

    6. Email marketing (E-Mail Promotion) that customers pay attention to attract them to buy things through your website. Take some time in the form and content of your email: you need to provide customers with valuable things, do not make them think it is spam;
    7 Link Exchange;

    8, using a web member system (web) to traction the visitors. Hundreds of members' websites link their traffic to your website;

    9, active in the online discussion group or forum, and always contain the signature of your URL in the speech.

    10, someone bought the product on your website at any time, and gave him the directory when he was given to the goods so that he could buy it again.

    11. Use viral marketing technology. From the online discussion group mentioned above, there are web pages of "Emial Link" every page, encouraging your viewers to spread.

    12, can you determine what your customers need? Create an online survey (online survey), how can the viewer get your website better to sell them to them.

    13. Create your own advertisement. Do you know who your goal is your goal, your marketing activities, and creatively attract your browsing this click on your advertisement instead of leaving.

    14, publish information in some online trading market (E-) and online classification advertisements (online), increase your website and product luminous rate

    for reference only ~ · ~~~

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