Talk about the innovation of service marketing strategies for the mobile communication industry

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  1. Talk about the innovation of service marketing strategies for the mobile communication industry
    The rapid technological innovation speed. For low -value suppression customers of mobile communication operators, service quality and technical investment should be increased to make the product more meet the needs of customers and provide customers with provide customers with the customer's needs. High -quality services have gradually promoted new customers with low value and loyalty to high -value and high -value loyal customers.
    Abstract: The development of China's mobile communications industry has been relatively mature, market competition has become increasingly fierce, and the market expansion of mobile communications companies has been increasing. Faced with the lack of customer service resources and the low power of product marketing power, through grasping the needs of customers, effective service marketing strategies can meet customer expectations. The article analyzes the marketing characteristics and development status of mobile communications operators, analyzes customers, analyzes the differentiated needs of customers at different levels, seize the opportunity to carry out services, intelligently implant service marketing products, propose corresponding corresponding to the corresponding service marketing products, and propose corresponding corresponding to the corresponding service marketing products. Service marketing strategies to achieve a win -win situation for service, marketing, and customer perception, and gain greater competitive advantages in the fierce competition market.
    The keywords: mobile communication; service marketing; marketing strategy innovation
    1 Introduction
    The ascension with market competition and the continuous improvement of the marketing system, as well as the continuous changes in the internal system of the mobile communication industry system It is required to develop a more refined innovative marketing strategy for mobile communication companies. At this stage, the customer group of mobile communication companies is huge, and the needs of customers for mobile communication are becoming more and more diverse. Different customer groups have a significant difference in demand for mobile communication services and services. The competition for different customer groups and the targeted promotion of products are the focus of competition in the mobile communication industry. The mobile communication industry is a knowledge and information technology -intensive industry. In the process of information provision, knowledge communication, and media operations, customer service and marketing need to be integrated, develop service marketing integration and innovation strategies, further tap the overall value of customers, enhance mobile mobile The competitiveness of communication companies in the market.
    2 The marketing characteristics and marketing development of mobile communication
    As my country's economy continues to grow, the mobile communication industry's business has continued to expand and develops, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other communications services companies have become the largest in China. Several mobile communications operators mainly operate mobile phonetic, data, IP phones and multimedia business and home broadband. [1], it has the characteristics of wide business coverage, large user scale, product and communication content update and other characteristics. The characteristics of marketing itself of the mobile communication industry have been formed.
    2.1 Marketing characteristics of mobile communication
    In the past marketing model, the mobile communication industry mainly competed on price based on prices. Now mobile communication companies have begun to innovate in business and promote the brand. This is a qualitative leap. The mobile value -added business and online brands promoted by China's mobile communications companies have gradually enriched people's lives, entertainment and information, and also increased market attractiveness and market competitiveness. Due to the instability of the competitive market, mobile communication companies have attracted more customers' attention by promoting the data business, gradually launching high -tech technology and high -speed brands, and gradually expanding the market for the mobile communication industry. [2] The traditional promotion methods of mobile communication companies are to conduct marketing promotion activities in the business hall with advertising, leaflets and other means. This will lead to less customer resources and limited information resources obtained by customers. In recent years, computer network technology has continued to develop, and mobile Internet has gradually penetrated people's lives. Mobile communication has gradually moved closer to the Internet, broadening the channels for customers to obtain information, and making customers more convenient and faster. Due to the large size of China's communications business, there are many users covering products. In order to cover each customer, they have invested a lot in advertising. The product update is relatively fast. Marketing promotion content needs to be replaced regularly. If you cannot grasp the customer's needs in time, you will lose customer resources.
    2.2 The current status of mobile communication marketing
    The marketing of mobile communications companies in the past mainly adopted the way of sales. There is no comprehensive theoretical research and data analysis of customer needs and customer types. Customers' demand for mobile products and mobile services. The integration of the communication channels and marketing links of mobile communications companies is relatively weak, and it does not integrate customer service and marketing methods, and lacks strategic and innovative marketing strategies. The research and analysis and analysis of customer behavior research, promotion, and intelligence information systems are relatively weak and paid attention to. In the mobile communications market, the phenomenon of income and input asymmetric due to the personalization of customers' needs. With the development of the mobile communications market, operators' competition methods have changed from traditional price competition to product strategies, attach importance to business innovation and brand competition, and differentiated customer demand in an important position of competition. [3] However, some businesses of mobile communications companies have not reached a higher customer coverage, and some high -value old customers lost after the business expires, such as family broadband business. After the family broadband expires, some high -value old -fashioned old Customer loss.
    3 Marketing strategies for mobile communication
    In according to the current status of the mobile communication industry market, the customer behavior data is studied and analyzed through big data methods, the differences between major customer groups are clearly identified, and different customer groups are for different customer groups. Analysis of different characteristics and needs. According to the customer value and other customer attribute characteristics, the customer group is classified as preliminary classification. It is mainly divided into four types of group types: new customers, high -value old customers, partial voice customers, and low -value suppression customers. Put forward a feasible marketing strategy for these four types of customer types to meet the needs of different customer groups and provide customers with personalized services. The quality of services is the key and core part of service products and business marketing strategies. It is necessary to deeply understand and understand the importance of the quality of service quality in China mobile communications marketing activities that are integrated with technology and services. When products are not large, the key to marketing win is the quality of service quality. The road of marketing strategy for mobile communications operators is to accurately position customers at different stages and states of the life cycle of mobile business, so as to take active service marketing methods to achieve three transformations of customers: to make partnership customers go towards The change of demand for equilibrium transitions to the composite business of single -business customers, so that new customers with low value, low value, and loyalty to high -value and high -value old customers will be transformed. [4]
    3.1 traffic control new customers
    The main customer group of mobile communication operators is young people, young people prefer multi -traffic businesses. Mainly, gradually release and meet customer traffic needs. For new customers in traffic control, traffic cards are based on traffic, and traffic in different time periods can be added to meet the needs of traffic at different time periods. The main service marketing direction of traffic control new users is to increase customer value and customer loyalty. At the same time, the quality of optimization services is optimized around the use of traffic, improving the perception of customer traffic, and strengthening the implantation sticky business. With the increase of customers' age and online age, the value and loyalty of customer value and loyalty are gradually enhanced.
    3.2 High -value old customers
    The high -value old customer group is the customer group of "a few but contributing most profits" in the 28th effect. The active service marketing direction of this type of customers is on the one hand to strengthen the maintenance of customer relationships, and on the other hand, excavating the overall value space of the customer. For example, the "old customer broadband processing discount" and high -value old customers have not opened broadband, which can provide extra offers for home broadband processing or upgrade for high -value old customers, and increase the coverage of high -value old customers' family broadband. When the use of broadband is about to expire, it can increase the preferential efforts that need to be handled, retain high -value customer resources, and increase the overall value of high -value old customers.
    3.3 partial voice customer
    The mobile communications market in China has gradually developed to the development of communication business, and gradually introduced new functions of the Internet, allowing users Allow users to choose multiple members from the communication records. For partnerships, marketing activities are handled through voice -over business and telephone sales. Integrate services and marketing to change the demand business of partial voice customers to balanced demand, gradually develop Internet business, and transform single -business customers to composite business. Consolidate the stickiness of high -value old customers through cross -business cross -selling, while further tapping the overall value of customers.
    3.4 Low -value suppress customers
    The rapid technological innovation speed today. For low -value inhibitors of mobile communications operators, they should increase service quality and technical investment to make the product more meet the needs of customers and provide customers with providing customers with High -quality services have gradually promoted new customers with low value and loyalty to high -value and high -value loyal customers. Based on the original customer resources, through information communication and telephone access, other potential customers are fully tapped. On the one hand, we must strengthen service quality control, provide customers with better services, enhance customer service perception, attract more customer resources, and transform more low -value new customers into high -value old customers; on the other hand, increase Investment in science and technology enables mobile communication operators to more meet the needs of customers and enhance the satisfaction of customer experience, and provide customers with higher technical content.
    4 Conclusion
    The mobile communications industry in China is at a booming stage and has become an important driving force for information innovation in the Internet era. Under the fierce market competition, mobile communication operators must develop healthily in the Internet era, and must integrate Internet services and marketing methods. On the one hand Provide personalized services, update marketing concepts and innovative marketing strategies. On the other hand, on the basis of the original customer resources, fully tap other potential customers, carry out effective market division, organically integrate services and marketing according to the ideological innovation ideas of service strategy, carry out product innovation and marketing model innovation, and continuously meet customers Demand, thereby gaining a continuous competitive advantage.
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