What does GOLD mean?

I saw that when 3C recording, someone said a Gold every other time. What did that GOLD mean?
I said what consciousness is in the game, not the consciousness of this word!

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  1. GOLD: [Gduld]

    a. Gold (system)
    nnnnnnnnnnn. That glitters.
    This may not all gold.

    2. She WORE So Much Jewellery that she she seemed to be covered in.
    . She wore so many jewelry, which looked like it was wrapped in gold.

    3. The Monetary System of some Countries used to be base on Gold.
    The monetary system of some countries in the past is golden.

    4. ALL that glitters is not get.
    [Proverb] The flashing thing is not necessarily gold.

    5. GOLD, Slaves and Ivory WERE SENT North.
    Gold, slaves and ivory were transported to the north.

    6. A reliable car is word its weight in Gold.
    The car that relies on is the price of price. R N Olympic winners won a gold medal as a reward.

    English explanation:
    noun Gold:

    1. Coins Made of Gold
    n2. :amberrnrn3. a soft yellow malleable ctile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regiar n同义词:Au, atomic number 79rnrn4. great wealth--Ben Jonsonrnrn5. something likened to the metal in or or etc.rnr n adjectives:

    1. Made from or Covered with Gold
    Syndrims: Golded, Gilded
    2. HAVIVING the Deep Slighly Brownish color of Gold n lyrics : Aureate, Gilded, GILT, GOLDEN

  2. If you are an OB viewer in World of Warcraft, you can use GOLD to watch the number of comrades.
    In single -player mode, enter GOLD plus the amount of money you need to get the corresponding money. If you do not enter the number, the system will enter 500 by default

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