Why do so many people buy sports watches?

For a long time, watches have been an indispensable tool in our daily life. We can watch the time and match clothes with the blessing of watches. But in the era of intelligence, more and more people choose to start with sports watches. Compared with ordinary time-recording watches, the functions of sports watches can be described as very powerful.

Checking the time and date is already the most basic function. Sports watches generally have the function of monitoring our health indicators such as monitoring heart rate, and can also monitor our sleep and so on. In addition, it can also monitor our exercise. According to our exercise habits and exercise conditions, it will give us relevant suggestions to make our exercise more efficient. Sports watches have been developed in terms of social, health, and life, which is why sports watches attract so many people.

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What functions does a sports watch have?

When it comes to the functions of sports watches, there are many. We can probably summarize them from the aspects of daily social interaction, health management and sports management. Daily social interaction is well understood, that is, some of our daily app usage. A sports watch is like a microcosm of a mobile phone. We can also download many apps on the sports watch, such as social software such as WeChat and QQ, which can also run normally on the sports watch. It is also possible to make phone calls and send text messages. We usually go out without a mobile phone, and a watch is also completely possible without any obstacles.

Health management is the smart monitoring function of sports watches, the most basic heart rate monitoring, exercise steps, basically most of these sports watches have this function. Some sports watches also have the function of developing sleep monitoring, which can monitor our sleep status and give us timely feedback and suggestions. In addition, when we are exercising, it can also pay attention to our blood oxygen saturation and other indicators in real time, and warn us of our exercise intensity in time, allowing us to exercise more scientifically.

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Sports management function This function is also newly developed by many sports watches. A watch with a sports management function has a variety of built-in sports modes, such as common running and swimming modes, etc. When we are exercising, we turn on the relevant sports teaching mode, and then we can learn sports with the coach, just like having a private Coaches are by our side to guide us as well. Moreover, there are various exercise modes, which can cover most of our daily exercise methods.

Today's sports watches have become more intelligent in many ways. Compared with the original traditional watches, they not only have greatly expanded their functions, but also focus more on intelligence. When we use them, we can clearly see Feeling the convenience that technology brings to our life, we don’t need to carry mobile phones or resort to sophisticated instruments, we can sense changes in the body and complete daily communication. A small watch can cover the needs of our lives.

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