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  1. wholesale silver egyptian jewelry Shan Shanlai Eat Diversity Plot:
    Episode 1: Shan Shan donate blood to save the elder sister
    The night falls, the lantern is at the beginning, and the ordinary female staff member of Fengteng Company lying on the bed to rest, someone suddenly came to urgent electricity to urge Shan Shan to urge Shan Shan Sugi hurried to the designated place. Shan Shan was sleepy and didn't think about the call of the call, and hung up the phone and went out to ride the designated location of the call.
    Episode 2: Shan Shan wants to leave Fengteng Company
    In the evening, Shan Shan sat in the room to write on the Internet. Originally, she thought that she was an employee of Fengteng Company with her hard work until she found that she was just found that she was just the only way. The tool for helping Feng Teng's blood donation, Shanshan was disappointed and wanted to leave Fengteng Company.
    Episode 3: Shanshan and Feng Teng attended the wine banquet
    This time came, Feng Teng still stayed in the company to deal with some work. Zheng Qi came to Feng Teng and reminded Feng Teng to leave the company to go home from get off work Rest, Feng Teng was reviewing a new software developed by the company. Seeing Zheng Qi, Feng Teng talked to Zheng Qi about work.
    Episode 4: Shanshan Fengteng went to lunch
    At the banquet with Shan Shan, Feng Teng deliberately pulled Shan Shan to sit next to himself. Shan Shan toasted Feng Teng, but Feng Teng said that he needed to drive and did not drink.
    Episode 5: Shanshan is bullied
    Shan Shan to go to the boss's office every day at noon to help the boss pick the vegetables by the company. However, Feng Teng was blocked in a word. Shanshan was helpless and could only accept it obediently.
    Episode 7: Shan Shan Fengteng spent New Year's Day
    The New Year's Day is coming soon. Shanshan came to the rooftop alone to watch the fireworks and people celebrate. Shanshan was surprised. The two people watched the fireworks together and spent the New Year.
    Episode 8: Bicycle Shan Shan was injured
    Shan Shan remembered the scene where he got along with Feng Teng at home. Shan Shan was late when he was traveling in the company, and as a result, Feng Teng, who was impatient, taught him a meal.
    Episode 9: Zhou Xiaowei gave Feng Yue blood transfusion
    Zhou Xiaowei learned from the mouth of other colleagues that Feng Yue was rescued by Shan Shan's blood transfusion, and his face suddenly thought. Feng Yue was planning to have a second child. Shanshan was very happy. At the same time, he told the other party not to give himself a box lunch in the future. Zhou Xiaowei arranged a lot of work for Shanshan, but Shan Shan's foot injury has not been cured, and Shanshan's work is very hard.
    Episode 10: Company Annual Meeting Zhou Xiaowei sealing dancing
    Shan Shan and colleagues began to prepare for tomorrow's company annual meeting. At this time It's very intoxicated. However, Shanshan didn't want to dress very beautifully. At this time, it was told that Shanshan could get 10,000 yuan if he could get the most elegant ladies award, and he could get the opportunity to dance with the boss.
    Episode 11: Shanshan stays in Fengteng's house
    Liu Liu told Shan Shan to find a house slowly, not in a hurry. There was a problem between Liu Liu and Chenghao. Liu Liu intends to move away the city, and Shanshan is reluctant. Speaking of colleagues and Shanshan said that they were very happy.
    Episode 12: Shanshan explained the confession of Feng Teng
    This in the fish pond contracting, hoping to coax Shanshan happily, Shan Shan was really moved. Lisu and Feng Yue said that a few days ago, Shan Shan also said that he didn't like Feng Teng, but now he said that he was with Feng Teng.
    Episode 13: Shan Shan returned home for the New Year
    The aunt Fang asked who Feng Teng Zheng Qi was, and suspected Zheng Qi and Lixu, because the two performed very close. Feng Teng immediately exaggerated Zheng Qi, thinking that Zheng Qi was very trustworthy, and Aunt Fang let go of his heart.
    Episode 14: Shan Shan plans to spend Valentine's Day
    Lioshi's unhappy in Feng Teng's home. He learned that Feng Teng went out for dinner, but Zheng Qi came to visit himself. Two people were sitting in the car and talking, and Li Shu was always an unhappy expression. Zheng Qi was very helpless, and could only keep the cold and keep smiling.
    Episode 15: Shanshan knows the truth of the Lover's Day
    Shan Shan came to the Fengjia. As a result, the atmosphere of Fengjia was very heavy, Li expression was very painful, and Feng Teng's expression was very sad. Feng Teng said that after getting off the car, he was a boyfriend of Shanshan, and was no longer the identity of the boss.
    Episode 16: Shanshan Fengteng's Emotional Development
    The colleagues of Shanshan asked whether Shanshan would be resigned, Shanshan said it would not, but Shanshan did not know about the ban on the ban. Specific things. Seeing Zheng Qi passing by, Shan Shan asked Zheng Qi to ask Zheng Qi to tell him about his parents.
    Episode 17: Lixu's confession was rejected
    Itosi took the bookmark left by Feng Teng to find Feng Teng, and thought it was written to himself. Limu cried directly in Feng Teng's arms, which made Feng Teng feel very embarrassing. Feng Teng explained that it was not the handwriting he wrote on it. It should be written by Zheng Qi. He only had Shanshan in his heart.
    Episode 18: Shan Shan is looking for a new house
    Shan Shan began to ask for leave to register for a house. As a result, he got a chance to go to the house. Unexpectedly, the homeowner was too enthusiastic and scared Shanshan. Shanshan thought the other party was a liar and hung up the phone.
    Episode 19: The annual Shan Shan will be ugly.
    Shan Shan is quite unconfident in himself, so he turned out to wear a evening dress to go to work, resulting in the incompatibility with the surrounding environment. Feng Teng looked silent, and Zheng Qi came over to see Shan Shan was startled. Zhou Xiaowei came over to blame Shanshan for a meal, and asked the other party to go home to change clothes.
    Episode 20: Grandpa Shanshan is hospitalized
    Suga's parents and the grandfather of Shanshan came to Shanghai to check the body for Grandpa. Shanshan didn't know which hospital was better, and she was not familiar with the doctor, so she called Lu Shuangyi to ask her to help her investigate the hospital.
    Episode 21: Lixing Zheng Qi's emotional development
    The monthly place to find the place where the parents of Shanshan were found. How can Sugi have such rich friends. Shanshan told her mother Feng Yue as her sister's sister, who had donated blood to save Feng Yue.
    Episode 22: Shanshan Fengteng Emotional Crisis
    Shan Shan and Feng Teng argued at the airport. That's why Shanshan never introduced herself to her family.
    Episode 23: Shanshan Fengteng's feelings improved
    Fengyue and Lixu took Shan Shan to go shopping to dress up Shan Shan. Shanshan chose a pair of shoes, but these shoes were very unpopular. Shanshan was very embarrassed, and Li Si on the side was very happy. Seeing Shanshan's embarrassing look, Li Su deliberately called in Feng Teng waiting outside. What she didn't expect was that this made the relationship between Shanshan and Feng Teng improved.
    Episode 24: Feng Teng once again rejected Lixu
    Zheng Qi intends to resign. Shan Shan heard that he was very anxious and quickly found Zheng Qi asking. It turned out that Zheng Qi was dissatisfied because Feng Teng made himself guilty and decided to resign and leave. When Shan Shan and Lixu met, Lixu was very worried, because Zheng Qi did not have relatives in China.
    Episode 25: Shanshan Fengteng Cold War
    Although it broke up, Shanshan's heart has never forgotten Feng Teng, and he can always think about when he gets along with Feng Teng. Zheng Qi came to Lixu's bookstore to buy a book. As a result, Li Si did not notice Zheng Qi when he collected money. Zheng Qi put her key on the counter.
    Episode 26: Lixing Airport chase Zheng Qi
    Fengteng came to the hospital to visit the unexpectedly injured Shan Shan. Seeing this scene, Lu Shuangyi and Liu Liu were very pleased, and the two deliberately left the ward and left for it to leave it to the ward for leaving it to the ward for leaving it to the ward for leaving it to the ward for leaving it to the ward for leaving it to the ward. The space of Feng Teng and Shanshan is alone.
    Episode 27: Zheng Qi's plan was leaked outside the plan
    Shan Shan called Feng Teng. Two awkward people finally began to have a improvement scene. Shanshan came to the office and found that the windows in the office could actually see the rooftop.
    Episode 28
    Sedo to find out that the pregnancy difficulties were difficult to get pregnant, Shanshan Fengteng and his party came to the wild in the wild. At this time, Zheng Qi suddenly kissed Li Shu in public, and then pulled out the ring from the body to Li Shu Although she was proposed, Li Shu was very surprised, but she was still accepted.
    Episode 29: Feng Teng Shan Shan intends to get married
    Feng Yue and Shanshan said that Feng Teng intends to get married. As a result, Shan Shan was not very happy, and Feng Yue was surprised. Shanshan quickly explained that there was no cancellation of marriage. Feng Yue was very happy to discuss with each other after they got married. At that time, they could help the other party bring their children, and the family would be very lively.
    Episode 30: Cheng Hao took the paragraph with the model
    The mother of Shanshan was looking forward to the Shanshan with Feng Teng to come to the house, but the father of Shanshan may feel that there may be other reasons for the marriage of Shanshan because Feng Teng is the owner of the big company. How could he think of being with his very ordinary daughter.
    Episode 31: Shanshan worked hard to make money
    Shan Shan's father learned that Liu Liu's boyfriend absorbed the project with the project model, and decided to cancel the wedding of Shanshan and Feng Teng. It turned out that the father of Shanshan felt that if Shanshan was married at this time, then the family members would feel that it had something to do with Shanshan, and Shanshan might not be better in the Feng family.
    Episode 32: The Shan Shan Jewelry Store is opened
    Shan Shan and Liu Liu began to decorate their jewelry shops. Shan Shan's father came to Shanghai to visit Shanshan and found that Feng Teng still treats Shanshan as in the past. , I am very satisfied with my heart. Shan Shan's father gave Shanshan some money, making Shashan's recent funds not so nervous.
    Episode 33: Feng Teng's girlfriend appeared
    because of worrying about the safety of Shanshan in the jewelry store, Feng Teng sent two bodyguards to protect Shan Shan. Shan Shan believes that the two bodyguards have affected the business of their shop and resolutely demanded the withdrawal. Feng Teng insisted on refusing to withdraw the two bodyguards. Shanshan was very helpless and complained to Feng Yue. Feng Yue quickly comforted Shanshan to understand Feng Teng's worry.
    Episode 34: Feng Teng proposes to Shanshan
    Shan Shan intends to marry Feng Teng, but feels that the wedding is too tired. At this time, Shan Shan took out his passport and proposed that he would take himself to travel. At this time, there were fireworks blooming in the distance, and Feng Teng kneeled down to propose to Shashan. After the two lover folded, he finally kissed happily and sweetly.

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