wholesale costume fashion jewelry supplier Diamonds stole the stolen Kidd

wholesale costume fashion jewelry supplier Ask the diamonds stolen by the strange theft, the names of the picture must be available

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  1. wholesale sterling silver jewelry china The items of the aid of the aid of the Arai Well
    The eyes of the month: The theft was successful and returned to Zhongsen Bank III.
    The items for the stealing of black feathers
    In the number of theft cases: 134 (119 in Japan, 15 pieces overseas)
    Footprints: 12 countries (Japan, the United States, France, etc. The number of theft items for theft of Hei Yu Theft 8 years ago: 152 pieces
    Total value: 38.725 million yen (the data comes from "Magician at the end of the Century") r r
    (in "Magic Fighting"):
    1. The pupils of the month (actually stolen by the Arai Huangzu, the fast fight to the Eye Oy escape) was finally swallowed by Aoyu's fish, and the police officer Nakasen opened the fish belly. Discovery
    2. Paris Sunshine (diamond, failure) Saablisa Princess Princess carried
    3. Angel's Crown (failure) Police officer Zhongsen found that the fast fight may be the stranger Kidd Once
    4. The Make -up box of Egyptian queen (success) was tracked by the machine doll. It's not the strange theft of Kidd itself
    6. The magic club (inlaid emerald, diamond, successful) gang Sijing to recapture this club, let the business of the ball hit the business again
    7. Giant Star (inlaid green Gems, diamonds, successful) Dongfeng Department Store owner issued a fake trailer, and as a result, it became true
    8. Adam's smile (Picasso's paintings, successful) for the first time on the white horse. Fortunately, I wo n’t skate and escape
    9. (In OVA 1, it is only Conan's dream, not true, strange theft Kidd basically stole gems, which is true in "Magic Fighting") The sword (Japanese knife, successful) at the Peak Dao Farm, but there are branches outside the festival, and after escaping, they are on the iron sword. "OVA 1 Conan VS Kidd vs Ajianbao Sword Fight!"
    10. The melancholy birthday (sapphire, failed) was almost killed by the mysterious organization, but also used the sender on the gemstone to force the organization to give up to give up Kidd Escape
    11. Green Dream (Emerald, Success) Using this gemstone actor Xiao Hui became a famous actress
    12. The mother of crystal (crystal, success) and the organization on the top of the train carriage At the confrontation, he saved the little prince and protected the gem as soon as possible, and also let the little prince know that his mother's good intentions OVA 4 "The mother of Conan and Kidd and Crystal"
    13. Red tears (ruby, successful success ) Blue ruby, the fast fighting successfully guards it, so that it will not fall into the hands of the organization
    14. Golden eye (cat eye stone, success) finally handed it to the strange black cat
    15. Diablo (Diablo Black protein stones, successful) to Jack Connery, who is a nightmare, is now returned to
    (in "Detective Conan"):
    . Successful as Xiao Lan was already obtained, but he should be swimming and escaped, because he had a cold the next day. TV 76 "Conan VS Strange Pirate Kid"
    17. The egg of memories (the 51st Emperor Easter Easter Easter Easter in Russia, successful) "two eggs" is returned to Kosaka Natsumi (the great -granddaughter of the producer Hiichi) m 3 "The Magician at the end of the century"
    18. The bell tower (diamond, successful guardianship) uses the secret code to keep the bell tower in custody, and the first confrontation with Kudo Shinichi. TV 219 "The convened famous detective! Kudo Shinichi VS Story Kidd "
    19. Wu Maru Lianye Treasure (Golden Castle, give up, because it is too big) invitation letter is not he sent at all, Kide did not steal the dusk of dusk. The plan of the museum is TV 219 "The summoned detective!" "Kudo Shinichi VS Strange Pirate Kid"
    . The miracle (sapphire, success) of the sea later went to Conan and gave it to him again. Stunning Empty Walk "
    21. The stone of the king (diamond, abandonment) Because the diamond is the switch of a mechanism, the flood" 396 strange house adventure (solution) "will occur in the flood. "Qing Lan" (that is, the painting of Sichuan Wu Lai, failed) the notice issued by the non -KID, and this painting does not have "470 strange thief Kidd and four famous paintings (last part)"
    23. Sapphire, give up) Discovery is a fake gem "Theatrical version of the theater version 08 silver wing"
    24. Unknown gems (diamonds, success) have been repaid to the deep mountain art museum M10 "Detective Soul Songs" r
    25. Unknown gems (diamonds, value of 100 million, successful) Conan Pingzhi's police officer and criminal duel, and a poker card in front of the diamond fell into the water to play OVA 6 "Tracking the disappeared gem! "
    6. Purple -red nails (purple crystal high heels, success), but because of the crystal that KID wants, then returned" 515 Strange Pirate Kid Instant Move "
    27. Kirin Horn (Success) Because there is no KID because there is no KID) The gem I want, so I also gave Conan "587 Kidd VS Four God Detectives" 28. The tears of Aldidamis (success) is not a gem that KID wants, so I also went back to OVA10 "The Island of Strange Pirates Kidd Trap"
    9. The lady of the sky (Lady Sky, sapphire ring, successful) returned to Suzuki Group and appeared in the fourteen theatrical version of "The Wrath of the Sky".

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