Capacitor leakage repair method to share

Paper capacitor leakage repair method

If the paper capacitor is affected by moisture and leakage, the radio will produce distortion, noise and soft tone and other faults. Repair method: prepare a tin, put half pot of paraffin inside, burn on the stove, let paraffin melt completely. At this time, the leakage capacitor is put into melted paraffin wax, one or two minutes later, the sealing wax in the capacitor is also dissolved, and then the paper shell outside it is taken out and continued to heat. At this time, it can be seen that the moisture in the capacitor evaporates due to heat and becomes bubbles to escape. When all the bubbles escape, it is removed from the paraffin solution to cool down, and still covered with the outer paper shell, sealed with wax at both ends. After this treatment of the capacitor, the leakage situation completely eliminated.

Capacitor leakage repair method to share

Repair of electric paste capacitor after breakdown

Repair of paste capacitor after breakdown Shen Leihong paste capacitor because of the working voltage is too high or the internal insulation is not good and breakdown. Generally only a point of internal insulation film breakdown, so if you can eliminate this point, the capacitor can still be used. Repair method, only according to the positive and negative electrodes of the capacitor respectively connected to the 6 volt battery, then the short circuit current through the capacitor is very large, generating a lot of heat will soon burn the short circuit. The result of this repair is very good. But the repaired capacitor had better be installed in the place where the working voltage is lower.

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