1 thought on “How to clean the necklace green”

  1. Under normal circumstances, the silver necklaces will be green, and we can wash it according to the following methods, and the effect is good.

    1. Wipe the surface of the silver jewelry with silver cloth.
    2, use neutral toothpaste and toothbrush to scrub. Wipe the toothpaste directly on the silver jewelry for cleaning and cleaning, wash out the foam, wash with a toothbrush at the gap, and gently avoid the use of the power of the jewelry to be damaged.
    3. Use carbonated beverages to soak, and the soaking time is about 12 hours.
    4. Use silver wash water for one to two minutes. After removing, rub it repeatedly, clean it with a lot of water, then put it in alkaline water back and forth, and then rinse it with water.
    5. Wipe with home acetic acid or baking soda. Then wash the water.

    The silver jewelry is green. When you do not wear jewelry, you must be sealed and stored. You can use a small plastic bag to be installed to isolate the air to reduce oxidation opportunities. Try not to dip the water and touch the irritating chemical liquid. Silver jewelry needs to be removed when washing the hot springs. You can usually wear it when you swim, but you should avoid contact with sulfur soap, hair dye, perm, shampoo, shampoo, water, wash your hair, Bath gel and other items that are easy to damage the surface of silver jewelry.

    The green ones are generally copper rust, and 925 silver often occurs. But it is certain that gold is almost not rusty. So you can use the above method to wash and try, and you can have more effort.

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