wholesale jewelry design supplies 51 Integrity Coin operation mode:

wholesale jewelry design supplies

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  1. penny jewelry wholesale 1. Registration rebate: When the merchant has a website that needs to be promoted, you can publish an advertisement through 51 Integrity Coins. Members can register advertisements and understand the merchant's website, so that the merchant achieves the purpose of promotion. , 51 Integrity Coins returned some advertising costs to members. Thus a win -win situation!
    2. Shopping rebate: That is, 51 Integrity Coin Network and the B2C website reach a customer relationship. Consumers can get cash rebate from the page from the pages of the rebate network to the customer website. Back to the rebate network. Now a consumer can get 7%(14 yuan) of cash back through the rebate webpage to buy a 200 yuan book. This is the benefit of consumers.

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