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  1. sterling jewelry wholesalers in virginia WannaCry (also known as Wanna Decryptor), a "worm" ransomware software, 3.3MB in size, is used by the NSA (NATIONAL Security Agency, the National Security Agency). spread. The raging virus is a global Internet disaster, causing huge losses to the majority of computer users. The latest statistics show that more than 100,000 computers in more than 100 countries and regions have been attacked and infected by ransomware. The extortion virus is one of the most influential viruses since panda burning. WannaCry extortion virus explosions worldwide, at least 150 countries and 300,000 users recruiting, causing losses to $ 8 billion, which has affected many industries such as finance, energy, and medical care, causing serious crisis management issues. Part of China's Windows operating system users suffer from infection. Campus network users are the first to be a brunt, and the damage is serious. A large number of laboratory data and graduation design have been locked and encrypted. After the application system and database files of some large enterprises are encrypted, they cannot work normally and have a huge impact.

  2. quality wholesale costume jewelry Any virus that uses the vulnerability "Eternal Blue" can be called the eternal blue virus
    but now it refers to the "extortion virus" and "notpeta ransomware".

  3. sidney wholesale jewelry At about 20 pm on May 12, large -scale ransomware infection occurred around the world, and users could be attacked as long as they turned on the Internet. Within five hours, including Britain, Russia, Europe, and many domestic universities, internal networks, large enterprise internal networks and government agencies, they were recruited by ransom can be decrypted and recovered. This attack even caused the teaching system to paralyze, including a campus card system.
    What is the eternal blue virus?
    It is understood that this incident is a network attack event initiated by the "Eternal Blue" attack program leaked by the criminals through the reconstruction of the "Eternal Blue" attack program.
    The "Eternal Blue" ransom worm is the world's first global case for NSA network arms and civilianization. One month ago, the fourth batch of NSA -related network attack tools and documents were announced by Shadow Brokers, including remote command execution tools involving multiple Windows system services (SMB, RDP, IIS), including the "Eternal Blue" attack program.
    Windows machines that are open to open 445 file sharing port will be scanned. No user operations are required. As long as you turn on the Internet, criminals can implant ransomware in computers and servers Malicious procedures.
    At present, the ransom virus transmitted by "Eternal Blue" is mainly on two families of ONION and WNcry. The disk files of the victim machine will be tampered with to the corresponding suffix, pictures, documents, videos, compression packages and other information Nothing can be opened normally, only to pay ransom can decrypt and recover. The two types of ransomware are 5 Bitcoin and $ 300, respectively, equivalent to more than 50,000 yuan and more than 2,000 yuan, respectively.
    A safety experts also found that the ONION ransomware will also spread with the mining machine (operation generated virtual currency) and the remote control Trojan group. Gift packages ", specially selected high -performance server mining for profit, and to ordinary computers will encrypt files to extract money to maximize the economic value of the victim machine.
    It -closing of port 445 "Wolf Wolf into the Room" According to a announcement provided by 360 Enterprise Security on the morning of May 13th, due to the worms that were transmitted by port 445 in the past many times, some operators were banned on the main network of the main network. Port 445, but the education network and a large number of enterprises have no such restrictions and did not install patch in time. There are still a large number of computers exposed to port 445 and vulnerabilities, which leads to the current flood of worms.
    Therefore, the safety incident was rated by many security agencies to be "critical".

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