jewelry and coin wholesaler The countdown of the central bank's digital currency "landing"! The outlet of the next 10 years

jewelry and coin wholesaler

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  1. wholesale 12 pack jewelry Recently, the central bank's digital currency landing has become a hot topic.

    D digital currency is the largest wind in the next 10 years. Do you understand it?

    Speaking of digital currencies, many people first think of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Libra.

    In from the beginning of the unintention to the beginning, to the current central bank's digital currency (DCEP), it is about to be officially launched.

    D digital currency issued by the central bank is a legal digital currency, which means that its functional attributes are the same as paper money. The difference is reflected in the payment method, turning the banknote into the number of the mobile phone.

    D. Different from WeChat and Alipay, it can be realized without network support, which will be lower in convenience and cost. Even in the future, you may only need to touch your mobile phone to achieve transfer.

    It is that digital currency can achieve value transfer without the need for bank accounts, but Alipay and WeChat need to use the intermediary link of "banking".

    What is the central bank's digital currency (DC/EP)?

    In central bank digital currency is a digital payment tool with valuable characteristics and M0 attributes issued by the People's Bank of China.

    For the definition of DCEP, Mu Changchun, director of the Central Bank Digital Monetary Research Institute, said that the DCEP function and attributes are exactly the same as that of Renminbi paper cash and exist in digitalization. DC is digital currency, EP is electronic payment, which is a digital payment tool with valuable characteristics. The central bank's digital currency is legal and is M0 substitution (paper banknotes and coins).

    Wen Chinese institutions or individuals can refuse to connect DCEP. After downloading the digital wallet on the mobile phone, even if the transaction is offline, it can pay for small, retail, high -frequency and other business scenarios. rn rn 央行数字货币(DCEP)rn rn 对于DCEP管理,采取央行发行 商业银行(支付机构)双层运营的模式,即人民银行对商业银行,商业Banks or commercial institutions are directly facing users. Users can achieve DC exchange through commercial bank channels on the mobile digital wallet app. Mu Changchun introduced: "In general, this kind of launch system is suitable for my country's national conditions, which can use existing resources to mobilize the enthusiasm of commercial banks, but also smoothly increase the acceptance of digital currency." In terms of the necessity of DCEP, the primary purpose is to protect currency sovereignty and fiat currency status. The modern history of the National University of Russia and the World Political Teaching and Research Office Flatimir Nigerdanov believes that the digitalization of RMB is a centralized supervision of electronic currency, which will be a sovereign currency. That is to say, the state will provide liquidity to liquidity Assure.

    The vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center Huang Qifan said, "The significance of DCEP is that it is not the digitalization of existing currency, but the replacement of M0. It is conducive to the circulation and internationalization of RMB. "

    The cost of printing, distribution, recovery, storage, anti -counterfeiting, and circulation of paper money is very high. In the era of mobile Internet Paying habits are less and less used for paper banknotes. The central bank's digital currency payment will meet people's daily payment, which greatly reduces a series of costs brought by the issuance of paper banknotes, and can complete value transfer without the need to connect to the Internet.

    It introduced more merchants to strengthen Alipay's role in the entire industrial structure, and at the same time, it can also create more life scenarios and consumption possibilities for consumers to increase user stickiness.

    This moves are enough to prove that Alipay is trying to enter each family more deeperly. Only in this way can it develop longer.

    The existence of digital currencies in central banks is to provide more convenient online transactions, and it also brings a variety of choices for the mobile payment field.

    But for digital currencies, how to increase the penetration rate of use in the future is the key.

    It what convenience will digital currency bring in the future, let us wait and see.

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