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  1. fancy jewelry boxes wholesale The intellectual results of the patent pledge of objects are a spiritual wealth without shape, with property value, and non -material. The so -called non -materiality refers to the material existence of patent pledge financing, which is only a kind of information. The pledge of patent rights is the exchange value obtained by people's control and domination of this information. This feature distinguishes them with all the rights of tangible property and people with tangible property. As a tangible object of property rights, it can generally be occupied by specific people, and it is impossible to be occupied by others at the same time. As the object of patent rights and other intellectual property rights, it is impossible to be possessed by a specific person. On the contrary, it can be possessed by infinite multi -person at the same time. Intangible property is different from intangible property. The intangible property expresses that the property has no shape and does not occupy a certain space, but it may be an objective substance, such as gas, water, electricity, and light. Therefore, the characteristics of the patent pledge of patent rights are unscientific. Patent right pledge financing objects are indeed invisible, but the essence of it is the non -material nature of other property, not intangible. This feature is that other features have brought many complex problems for the protection, transfer, and pledge of patent rights.

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