wholesale fine jewelry china HyperledgerFabric is it a public chain?

wholesale fine jewelry china Is it a public chain?

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  1. esther molina jewelry wholesale miami Hyper Ledger Fabric is not a public chain. It is a licensed commercial blockchain structure. It mainly solves commercial blockchain needs. Fabric is open source, enterprise -level, distributed ledger platform with authority. The original design of its design is for enterprise -level applications. For other distributed ledger systems or blockchain platforms popular on the market, Fabric has many different characteristics and application areas.
    The expansion information:
    . About blockchain ()
    1, blockchain (), which is essentially a decentralized database. A string of data blocks generated by a password method, each data block contains a Bitcoin network transaction information to verify the effectiveness (anti -counterfeiting) of its information and generate the next block. The concept of blockchain was first proposed by a person named Nakamoto in 2008.
    2. The blockchain is generated because of the traditional commercial network, each company conducts data interaction, or when business exchanges, each company will provide interfaces to another company through its own database for access. In this way, there will be a problem, which cannot guarantee that each data is the same. And picking up data from the central database of others cannot guarantee the authenticity of the data. There are trust problems. The distributed ledger model of blockchain can solve this problem well.
    3, the blockchain has several obvious characteristics, namely: decentralization, irreplaceable, non -tampering, openness and transparency, consistent ledger, and anonymous. Blockchain branch has chain, private chain and alliance chain. The public chain refers to the blockchain that can read, send transactions and transactions in the world, and transaction can be effectively confirmed, and can also participate in the consensus process. The biggest difference between private chain is that it is only open to individual or entities. Therefore, the private blockchain's writing permissions are only in the hands of the organization. Reading permissions or openness to the outside world, or restrictions on any extent. The characteristic of the private chain is that the transaction speed is very fast, which is better for privacy, which can greatly reduce transaction costs, and even make the cost zero. The alliance chain is only for members of a specific group and limited third parties. It specifies multiple pre -selected nodes as the bookkeeper. The generation of each block is determined by all pre -selected nodes.
    . About Fabric
    Fabric is a licensed commercial blockchain structure (). Mainly solve the demand for commercial blockchain. First of all, all nodes will have a shared ledger. It will encapsulate commercial contracts and contracts and put them in the ledger. The information is automatically triggered according to the conditions. No one is operating steps to ensure fairness and justice. Secondly, privacy. The alliance chain has different roles and different authorities. Different characters operate different data, and privacy functions can be protected in time. Third, the trust mechanism is better. Between each node, you can establish a trust relationship without identity confirmation.

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