What are the recent development trends of electronic components?

Since the invention of electronic devices, has been the favor of major science and technology workers, today we talk about the future development of electronic components.

New components refer to the new generation of electronic components made of new principles, new technologies, new processes and new materials, which can promote the informationization of national economy and the renewal of electronic technology and the whole machine. This product has the characteristics of small batch, multi-function, green and so on. The market application prospect is broad, and large-scale production and industrialization can be realized.

What are the recent development trends of electronic components?The development focus of new components in the future is:

Surface mount components focus on the development of metal electrode ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors, chip capacitors, chip diodes.

Thick film hybrid integrated circuit (HIC) mainly focuses on the research and development and production of communication products, automotive electronics and other investment products, as well as thick film HIC ceramic substrates.

Sensor and sensor focus on developing voltage, thermal, gas sensitive and other products.

A new generation of power electronic equipment, focusing on the development of VDMOS, SIT, IGBT. Optoelectronic devices mainly develop LIQUID crystal display, LED chips, PDP and so on.

The focus of the development of new energy is nickel metal hydride battery, lithium ion battery, polymer battery.

High frequency devices are mainly high frequency SAW devices, microwave dielectric devices and other aspects of the development.

Does this article make you feel like you have an Epiphany? At the same time, the rapid development of electronic devices, also began to environmental protection and green direction of development, at the same time more new energy and new technology will gradually into the industry, let us look forward to.

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