Variable frequency power transformer

One of the core components of frequency conversion power supply: transformer.

Inside the frequency conversion power supply, there are a lot of large and small transformers, which have different functions, have a lot of small, have a plenty of feedback information with, have a plenty of isolation output and so on.

Variable frequency power transformer

Today is to introduce the isolation output transformer of frequency conversion power supply. That’s what’s in the picture below.

The isolation transformer in yangsheng frequency conversion power supply is mainly used for safe output, because the input winding and output winding of this transformer are electrically isolated, isolating the current of the original and secondary winding coil respectively, which can play the role of safe output.

Moreover, the output end of the isolated transformer is completely isolated with the input end of the “disconnect”, so that the input end of the transformer (the power supply voltage of the power grid) has a good filtering effect.

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