What are the tips for perfect foreplay? What are some tips for extending sex?

What are the tips for perfect foreplay? Sexual foreplay is an effective time to adjust the sensitive areas, achieve stimulating orgasm, make your sex life pleasant. What are the tips for perfect foreplay? The following momo sex dolls collection is for you.

1. What are the techniques for perfect foreplay?

Mentally do excellent foreplay

Before having sex, either partner must be emotionally prepared. But for some people, after a tough day at work, they can't think tough about sex because they can't get away from what happened during the day, let alone focus on an intimate relationship with a loved one.

You can help your lover get rid of the stress of the day by talking to him/her about the day, wiping his/her back, getting a massage, or sitting together reading, listening to music or watching TV.

The point is truly to spend time with your lover by helping to build trust and intimacy. This should allow you to relax and create the elements needed for a lovely sex.

Touching the chest

A woman's full, soft breasts are one of the most noticeable parts of a man's body and one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body." "Breast" means to take special care of it. If your partner has large breasts and can't grab more than a C-cup with one hand, pull the nipples and areola.

How to do it: rotate your finger around the areola, or take two fingers, gently pinch the nipple, and do some rotating motion. If your partner's breasts are delicate, grab them with one hand. Don't be polite. Hold them firmly. Before long, her desire was aroused.

Put your palms on your narrow waist

Although the "waist stroke" is simple, it is not easy to be effective. The waist, abdomen, and ribs are sensitive areas, and many people have itchy meat here. So, you can't hold the ground in your warm palms like a "dragonfly in the water" and then follow your partner's curve. When you walk, the female sensation comes with it, so you can work your way up. The sexual flame will soon be kindled.

Mild abuse buttock augmentation

The "butt grab" is fewer applicable than the above, but it also works wonders. Although the buttocks are also a bit sensitive, it's not obvious to most people after being touched, so use "catch". This "catch" can pinch, twist, smoke, the degree can not be heavy, also can not light, need to be judged according to the requirements of women and bearing ability. It's a bit abusive, but if you can find a way you love it, then sex will certainly be more passionate.

5. Explore your personal space

"Exploring the Private Parts" explores the most mysterious places for women. Mostly the hands. If you are a master, you can use your lips and tongue. Use hands must be gentle, not rough, because the private parts are particularly delicate. The main practice is to tease the labia with fingers, stimulate the clitoris, appropriate deep vaginal mouth. It is essential to note that you must wash your hands and cut your nails in advance.

Techniques to make sex last longer

1. Men who have a short sex life should do extra physical exercise, control the number of sex lives and keep a decent sleep.

2. Eating more fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin B1, can maintain a balance between nervous system excitation and inhibition.

3. You can wear condoms to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, or you can use some external pure herbs to reduce the sensitivity of the Gui head. No anesthetic should be used to repair the Gui head protective film.

4. Take the female advantage during sex. When a man feels the need to ejaculate, stop the stimulation and then perform the stimulation when the ejaculatory reflex disappears. Repeated training can control ejaculation.

5. Sex is up to the woman. Stop stimulation when the man feels close to ejaculation. The woman squeezes the perineal frenulum with her thumb for 3 seconds 4 seconds. Half a minute later, the ejaculatory reflex disappears. They can continue to press practice, practice 4 to 5 times a day, can raise the ejaculation threshold, achieve the purpose of delayed ejaculation.

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