How to improve sexual performance? What foods can improve sexual performance

The level of sexual function has long been considered a larger measure of a person's physical and mental health. If a person is sexually powerful, then everyone thinks that person is physically strong. Therefore, the height of sexual function not only affects people's physical condition, but also continues to have a extremely large effect on the heart. If sexual function is weakened, how can you improve it? Now let's take a look.

In order to improve sexual performance, someone likes to touch the Big Boobs. You need to pay more attention to your diet first. Here are several ingredients that can improve sexual performance. Amaranth, also known as Yang grass, lazy vegetables, longevity leek, reed, not only fresh, nutritious, in addition to protein, human fatty, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, carotene, also contains more dietary cellulose, can cultivate gastrointestinal peristalsis, conducive to habitual constipation, has a key practical significance for the prevention of rectal cancer.

Amaranth contains volatile oil and sulfur-containing compounds that promote appetite, kill bacteria and soften blood vessels. Amaranth is also a traditional Chinese herb known as Yang Cao. Amaranth has locking essence, warm kidney Yang, kidney Yang, treatment, warm waist knee and other effects, suitable for impotence, frequent suprematism, urine and other patients.

Litchi technology: It has the functions of nourishing blood gas, adding essence, producing water and quenching thirst, stomach, enriching skin and skin, etc. It can not only exercise, fitness and beauty, but also be used to treat kidney deficiency, dream, memory and insomnia. ​Frequently eating litchi can improve people's sexual function, frequent suprematism, impotence, premature ejaculation, auxiliary treatment effect.

Wolfberry: with nourishing healthy kidney, kidney eye clearing, blood bath, skin, Peyuan black hair and other effects, is to improve the physical and mental health of men and women. The elixir can be used to treat kidney qi deficiency, dizziness, blurred vision, frequent suprematism impotence, face dark yellow, temple yellow, waist sour legs soft, kidney Yin lack of cough and other diseases. Goji berries can also improve the body's immune function and promote cell differentiation.

Secondly, some fitness exercises can also improve sexual function nicely. Steps: Can improve the energy of the waist and abdominal muscles, conducive to couples life support posture, not easy to feel tired. The 15-minute daily squat step can have significant practical results. Ice skating: It's great for improving lung function, and it's a guarantee for men in the long run. Badminton: Playing tennis is beneficial to improving the endocrine system, promote the secretion of pituitary growth hormone, improve sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. It's a healthy form of exercise.

Diet and exercise can improve sexual performance to some extent. Except at this level. In daily life, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the human body in daily life, do not need to eat raw and cold food ingredients, and pay attention to anti-freezing and warm work. In order to reduce the occurrence of disease, we must immediately after the occurrence of disease reasonable treatment and control. There is no need to have a lot of stress in your mind.

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