Discussion on small transformer

1, what is small transformer?

In ac circuits commonly, it is will raise or lower voltage devices is called small transformer, transformer to convert any value of voltage into the same frequency that we need a voltage value of the function, but also very good to meet electricity transmission in some cases, at the same time allocation and use requirements.

Then, for example, the electricity from the power plant, and the voltage grade is relatively low, and the voltage must be raised to the far power area, and the power area must be reduced to the applicable voltage level, but also the power equipment and the use of daily electricity equipment.

Discussion on small transformer\

2. What are the types of transformers?

There are single-phase and three-phase transformers according to the number of phases.

It is generally divided into power transformers according to the purpose, general special power transformers, voltage transformers, and measuring transformers and so on (voltage transformers, current transformers). However, the coils are double-windings and multi-windings. For the auto-transformer, there are oil-immersed and air-cooled cases according to the cooling mode.

3, however, for the transformer is composed of what parts?

Generally, the transformer is mainly composed of iron core, and coil, in addition to the oil tank, oil pillow, as well as the insulation sleeve and the connector and so on

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