Baumer Sensor (Germany)

Baumer is a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial automation sensor products with a history of 50 years. Baumer Group is a world leader in the research and development and production of sensors, encoders, process instruments and vision technology. As long as the mention of BAUMER, many people should know that BAUMER is one of the manufacturers specializing in sensors and encoders. The Alliance Group has about 2,300 employees in 38 offices in 19 countries.

BAUMER Germany since 1934 for the steel, mining, port, paper and other industries manufacturing high precision, high stability, multi-function encoder and speed motor, used in steel, mining, port, paper and other industries, such as HOG22+HTA11+ES100 for hot rolling line, HOG100 for cold rolling steel, OG6 for cold forging machine, OG60 for laser cutting, TDPZ0.2 for cold forging extruder, AMG10 for continuous casting, etc.

Baumer has its own production plants in the United States, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada, and its products cover more than 110 countries worldwide. As a world leader in precision sensor technology, Baumer has been committed to the development of industrial automation and process control products.

Outstanding Features: Whether used for object recognition or position measurement, miniaturized or extremely robust design, the Burger has sensors suitable for a variety of applications. Different sensor functions are packaged in standard housing, which not only facilitates user assembly, but also minimizes setup time. We can offer a wide range of products, from inductive sensors to vision sensors and provide comprehensive advice.

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