What should I pay attention to when installing electronic components?

Electronic devices can be seen everywhere in our daily life. There is no doubt that the appearance of these electronic devices has brought convenience to our life. Electronic equipment is inseparable from its PCB board, PCB board is inseparable from the installation of electronic components. For xiaomeng, it is of great significance to master the installation method of electronic components. Today, let's look at what to look for when installing electronic components.

1. Electronic components should be wiped clean before installation, preferably with a fine abrasive cloth to remove the oxide layer on the surface, so as to facilitate welding. However, if there is a coating on the pin, do not wipe it according to the situation.

What should I pay attention to when installing electronic components?

2. Install components vertically or horizontally based on the installation method. For the parts that can be used by both installation methods, when the working frequency is not too high, two installation methods can be used; When operating at higher frequencies, it is best to use parts mounted horizontally and as short as possible to prevent high frequency parasitic capacitance from affecting the circuit.

3. When installing larger and heavier components, except welding on the circuit board, it is best to fix it with a bracket to make it more firm and reliable. The high-power triode is fixed on the Angle aluminum plate with screws, and then fixed on the mounting plate. This is stable, the other is the aluminum plate can play a role in cooling.

4. When installing various electronic components, the side marked with component model and value should face up or outward, so that the component model data can be checked at a glance during welding and maintenance.

5. When long component leads need to be reserved, an insulating conduit must be installed to prevent short circuit of component pins.

6. The installation of components should be beautiful. When installed vertically, the component should be perpendicular to the circuit board. When installed horizontally, the component should be parallel to or attached to the circuit board.

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