Looking at Japanese silicone sex dolls, can you tell which one is real

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Le ballon de la coupe du monde revient à l’original cette année, le football noir et blanc est le style classique

Quand il s’agit du style de football le plus familier pour la plupart des fans, il n’y a pas plus de 20 pièces de cuir hexagone blanc plus 12 pièces de cuir pentagone noir. En fait, ce n’est pas l’aspect... Read more

Application of anti-swing technology in European double beam crane

In recent years, along with the automation technology of each industry field, the degree of intelligent system is constantly improving to provide convenient and effective promotion, intelligent crane is also in this direction of development trend. The intelligent shortest path... Read more

Why should sheet metal processing develop technological procedures?

At present all kinds of sheet metal processing products, its application in our daily life is very broad, it includes both the traditional cutting blanking, cutting processing, bending forming method and the process parameters, such as cold and includes a... Read more

How to choose a calling card when logging in Canada

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The difference between chip, semiconductor and integrated circuit

Many people are curious about the differences between chips, semiconductors and integrated circuits. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to reveal the secrets. Chips, also known as microcircuits, microchips, integrated circuits. It is a small piece of silicon containing an integrated circuit,... Read more

MC10 Sensor (USA)

MC10 was founded by JohnRogers, a professor at the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, and is based on technology called "scalable circuits". The company's goal: to redefine the way the human body interfaces with electronic circuits, arming people as superhuman... Read more

Baumer Sensor (Germany)

Baumer is a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial automation sensor products with a history of 50 years. Baumer Group is a world leader in the research and development and production of sensors, encoders, process instruments and vision technology. As long as... Read more

Do you know what the breakdown voltage of a capacitor is?

Capacitors are the main components of electronic circuits. It can store electrical energy, with charging; Discharge and AC; Dc isolation characteristics, there are many kinds of capacitors, safety capacitor, ceramic capacitor, ceramic capacitor, varistor and so on. So, what is... Read more

Guide for selection of single-phase and three-phase guideway electricity meters

At present, the installation of the terminal energy meter generally adopts the traditional wall-mounted installation method, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation. The guideway watt-hour meter adopts a modular design, which has the advantages of small... Read more