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  1. Gold jewelry to the gold shop is not cost -effective in general. It is a kind of after -sales service of Golden Store, and it is a way to increase sales. The most suitable time for the old replacement should be that when the jewelry brand is given back, it is usually exempted from depreciation costs. At this time, only the new jewelry's work consumption can be added.

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  2. How is the new change of gold? Today, I will tell you about it, I hope to help everyone.

    The value -added services for most stores and gold shops in the mall. If it is the gold recovery of its own brand, go to its own store to recycle gold.

    general no loss is calculated, but a small amount of processing fee is required. If the gold jewelry of other brands is replaced by the old, the accounting loss.

    Due to brand differences, the loss is proportional. Taking a brand jewelry as an example, you will give you a 10 % discount on the basis of the original weight.

    It in the gold processing store, re -processing is a new model, without calculating losses, and not forced aggravation of gold purchase. It will only charge some labor expenses. Due to the different calculation methods, consumers It is best to calculate accurately before starting.

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  3. Is the gold jewelry "replaced with the old", is it really cost -effective? After reading it, I know the reason behind
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  4. I believe that everyone will have a lot of gold jewelry, but the gold jewelry that has been watched for a long time will be durable and outdated. Many people think of the "old replacement of the old" of the jewelry store, which can save not only the cost of re -purchased fees, but also You can also spend some small money to make up the difference to replace it with your favorite new jewelry

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