Buy something English dialogue

The scene of buying things, don't be unswerving. Urgent! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Sixth grade, such as buying books, books, which one looks good, which is ugly, which is cheap. Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

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  1. Recommend you one, with translation, if the vocabulary inside is difficult, you can change some what you know, I hope to help you. A: Can I help you, Madam?
    a: Ms., do you need?
    b: Yes. ID like to build some presents for my friend.
    b: Yes, I want to buy some gifts for friends.
    a: Would you like jewellery? TODAY is mothers day and all the jewellery is on sale at rights.
    a: Do you like jewelry? Today is Mother's Day, and many jewelry is discounted for sale.
    b: Thats Great. Do you have gold jewels?
    b: Great, do you have gold jewelry?
    a: Yes, we have 14K and 18K GOLD NECKLACES, Chain and EAR-RINGS.
    a: Yes, we have 14K and 18K gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
    b: May I have a look?
    b: Can you show it to me?
    a: Sure. Here is nice Gold Nextlace. Its Regular Price is $ 56, and now you can have it with a twenty percent.
    a: Of course. This is a great necklace, the original price is $ 56, and now you can enjoy 20 % discount.
    b: Its very elegant. Ill take it.
    The it is very good, I want it.
    a: All right. Is therething else you want?
    a: Okay, do you need anything else?
    b: Will you show the key raing?
    b: Can you show me the key ring?
    a: Yes. Here you are.
    a: Okay, for you.
    b: Its very nice. Give me ten like this. Im Sure they will be good gifts for my friends in China
    b: It looks good, give me ten. I think they will be for me Good gifts for friends in China.

  2. Characters: CLERK, Shopper 1, Shopper 2, Shopper A. Shopper B Shopper C

    clerk: Welcom to Kenny's Shoes. What can I do for you, sir? Nshopper 1: I want a pair of Fashion Shoes.
    CLERK: OK.What About this one? It is made of cannot a long way with it.and you feel. .How Much Are they?
    clerk: $ 28.
    shopper 1: ok.hehere is the money.
    nclerk: welcome to Kenny's Shoes. What can I do for you, sir?
    shopper 2: ID like to build a pair of running shoes.
    clerk: What color do your prefer?
    shopper 2: Yellow.
    clerk: do you like this pair? : They are nice, I want size 9.
    (Tries on the shoes)
    Shopper 2: I will take much are they? Nclerk: $ 22.
    shopper 2: Heee You are.
    clerk: Thank you.

    clerk: welcome to kenny's shoyes. Can I help you?
    shoppera: I dont know yet. nclerk: OK. Let Me Know if you need any help.
    shopper a: Thanks.
    clerk: yo u are welcome.
    the Shopper a is looking design in the store.
    shopper b Walks in.
    clerk: good morning, welcome to kenny's shoyes. Can I help you? need Nike sneakers. rnClerk: great. Let me show you the latest styles. rnThis is Mens Air Obsidian Hiking Boots, this is Air Jagged Ice Trail Running … rnShopper B: Give me size 7 please.
    clerk: You Mean Mensidian Hiking Boots?
    SHOPPER B: Right.
    CLERK: I will be right with you.
    clerk brings the shopper b to tir r nshopper c Walks in.
    clerk: welcomed to kenny's shoyes. Can I help you?
    shopper C: I need to change my sneakers that I boughtdy. The because of me. . Count you give me a few minutes?
    ill be with you.
    shopper C: But I am in a hurry. Nclerk: sir, I have two cusomers here. Right.
    now the class to the shopper a agan.
    clerk: Anything you like? We're having a sale on dress shoes.
    shop Per a: That's Great. I Need SOME DRESS SHOES. What do you have on sale?
    clerk: Well, we have silver jims and cool walkers. rnClerk: Well, Silver Jimms are more and higher quality. Whereas, Cool Walkers are not as expensive and they're more . rnShopper C: excuse me! Can you change my shoes first? I really have to go.
    shopper B: I have to go too. Please just be patient.
    shopper a: I am almost do. COME TO $ 47.00 and the cool water
    come to $ 39.00. r
    shopper a: so that's about an $ 8.00. nclerk: that's right. , this takes too long.
    shopper B: Well, this is living. You get to face it.
    shopper C: thats a lot of bull. , Excuse Me Sir, Your Shoes !!
    (Shopper C is Out OS Sight)
    shopper a: he will be back. Dont worry. Now as'll take the color walkers. get me size 7 in white?
    clerk: ok. I will be right back. My pleasure. They look good on you.
    shopper a: Thanks. Ill take the thatm.
    clerk: How would you like to pay?
    nshopper a: put it on my credit card.
    clerk: all right, here's your receipt. have a nice day.
    shopper a:, too. nshopper b: I'm time this, too.
    clerk: ok. The topal is RMB 800.00
    shopper B: I 'll pay cash. I need a receipt please.
    clerk: here is your receipt. : you, too.

  3. Part A

    a: How much does that perch?

    B: It counts ten dollars. N
    a: that's very extensive. Do you have Anything Cheaper ?

    B: Sure. This Pen is only two dollars.

    a: good. I'm taking it.
    n: How much?

    B: ten dollars.

    : That's very expensive. Are you cheaper?

    B: Of course. This pen only costs two dollars.

    : Okay. I buy this branch.

    part b

    a: How much is this book?

    B: it's seven dollars.
    a: do you have changed For a huhdred?

    b: no problemm.

    a: ok. Here's the money.
    n: that's the book and your change.

    : How much does this book cost?

    B: Seven dollars.

    A: Do you have 100 yuan for change?

    B: No problem.

    : Okay. Give you money.

    B: Thank you. This is your book and change.

  4. What can I do for you?/Can I help you?
    i would like to build a coat for my son.
    how about the one?
    well, how much is it? n100 yuan .
    well, ILL take it.
    I I am engaged in English, happy to answer for you.

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