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  1. K -gold's "K" is the writing of the term "karat" of the foreign language. The complete statement: Karat Gold, "AU" or "G" is a symbol used internationally to represent the purity (that is, the gold content).
    The method of using "K" to calculate the gold content of the golden content out of a kind of corner bean tree along the Mediterranean coast. The corner bean tree blooms a pale red flower, the nodular pod is about 15 cm long, and the bean kernel is brown, which can make glue. No matter where this kind of tree grows, the bean kernels they are concluded are exactly the same. Therefore, in ancient times, people used it as a standard for determining weight.
    . Over time, it has become a heavy unit to measure precious and subtle items. At that time, the measurement of diamonds and gold also used this unit, that is, "karat". It was not until 1914 that the "Karat" was provided as a standard internationally.
    Pucting information:
    The purity of 24K gold in various places is not exactly the same. Japan and the former Soviet Union's 24K gold contains 99.99%of gold, most of the companies in South Africa and my country earlier were 99.6%, and the United Kingdom was 99.5%. 98.4%.
    but the national standard GB 11887-008 promulgated in 2008, the "Regulations and Name Methods of the Pigmentation of Jewelry Precious Metals" has stipulated that the theoretical purity of 24K is 100%. Because it is impossible to achieve this theoretical value objectively, it has been decided to abandon the identification of 24K.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-K gold

  2. It means that the content of gold

    24K is pure gold, which can be understood as 24K = 100%.

    The common K gold on the market is 18K, 18/24 = 0.75, that is, 18k = 75%

    About 58.3%, 9K = 37.5%

  3. The pure gold content in gold is called "gold position", and English is karat, so it is called K gold. Generally, pure gold is 24K, that is, the theoretical gold content is 100%. Therefore, 1K means that the amount of gold contains pure gold accounts for 1/24, about 4.16%. There are generally many in my country that use 18K to inlaid jewelry, so that the inlaid jewelry is relatively high. K gold refers to the alloy mixed with gold and other metals. Karat is the measurement unit of K gold. It is divided into 24 copies of pure gold. According to the gold content in jewelry, it is divided into different K gold, so 24K refers to pure gold. For example, 18K gold content is 18/24 = 75.0%, and because 18K gold content is 75.0%, it is also called 750.
    The differences and ingredients of the main K gold:
    (1) Yellow K gold jewelry (18k)
    yellow K gold jewelry (referred to as yellow K gold), which is the alloy of gold and other precious metals, According to the gold content, it can be made into different K gold series jewelry. For example, 18K gold (750 yellow K gold) refers to accessories containing 75%pure golden ingredients, the remaining 25%are other precious metals, and the common word prints are 750 or 18K.

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