How to choose electronic components

Complex electronic systems and instruments are made up of large alligator resistors, capacitors, electrical sensors, relays, connectors, discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits and other electronic components.

Electronic components (hereinafter referred to as components) are the basis of measuring instruments and equipment. This paper introduces the requirements and applications of components, especially the selection and reliability of components.

It is hoped to play a reference role in the design and production of components for users to achieve the requirements of reliable use and lowest cost.

The reliability of components includes inherent reliability and operational reliability. The inherent reliability is determined by design and manufacturing factors, while the operational reliability is determined by the choice and application of components. With the improvement of inherent reliability of components, components manufacturing technology develops rapidly.

How to choose electronic components

There are more and more types of components, more and more complex functions, more and more extensive scope of use, and more and more harsh application environment. In addition, users often lack experience and understanding of some application characteristics and relevant precautions of components.

The selection of electronic components generally follows the following principles:

A) The application environment, performance index and quality grade of the selected components shall meet the requirements of the product.

B) The standard components with stable quality, high reliability and long life cycle proven by practice shall be preferentially selected. Components that are out of production and about to be out of production are not allowed to be selected. Use non-preferred components, non-standard components and newly developed components with caution.

C) Select components from reputable manufacturers. Continuous production, timely supply and multi-channel supply components are preferred.

D) Make clear the meaning of model marks of redundant devices and provide complete component models.

E) Crystal seeds, specifications and manufacturers should be compressed to the maximum to facilitate purchase and management.

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