What is WS2815 full color light bar and what functions does WS2815 magic light bar have?

WS2815 article lamp listed in November 2016, is the first in the industry with a single point of control, at the same time, with the function of breakpoint continuingly all lights, and made a comprehensive upgrade in power supply, lighting science broke through the single point of single control can only use 5 v power supply of the tradition, WS2815 magic lantern of the 12 v power supply, fully solve the problem of the product of the pressure drop is too large, Can MAKE THE USER IN THE PROCESS OF product installation, wiring is not so complex, at the same time, the product in 5-10 meters head and tail light consistent, no pressure drop impact.

China WS2815 LED Strip product overview

All electronic components are integrated in a single 5050 lamp bead without any other peripheral electronic components to form a complete external control pixel. At the same time, reducing the product installation caused by welding, caused by bad. Serial connection port, double signal line transmission, science fiction lighting to achieve breakpoint continuous transmission function, in which a single pixel damage will not cause other pixels to light up normally, does not affect the overall effect.


Intelligent reverse connection protection, product installation and access to 5V power supply in the case of reverse connection will not cause damage to the lamp post. Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel after receiving the signal through waveform shaping output, to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate.

The three primary colors of each pixel can achieve 256 machine brightness display, complete with 16777216 colors of full true color display port scanning frequency of 2KHz/s.

The transmission distance between any two points is not more than 5 meters without adding any signal amplifier circuit. When the refresh rate is 30 frames per second, the number of cascades is not less than 1024 points.

Data development speed up to 800Kbps.

Light color consistency is strong, light color consistency without pressure drop, high cost performance.


The WS2815 light strip is fully compatible with the controller of the 2812 light strip, with breakpoint continuation function (a broken pixel will not affect the correct use of other lights), does not affect the overall effect, and the installation of power reverse connection will not affect the lamp damage.

‚ÄčThe Light bar voltage drop is small, power consumption is low, light color display is consistent.

WS2815 full color light bar 12V Compared with other light bar 5V, WS2815 light bar 12V display light color head and tail consistent, low voltage drop, low power consumption, with single-point single control and breakpoint continued transmission functions.

Even if a single pixel is damaged, it does not affect the overall color display.

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