How can zirconia ceramics be polished into mirrors?

Because zirconia ceramics have relatively rare properties, and has been paid attention to in the market, the most significant is also attracted to the development and research of researchers, then zirconia ceramics how to polish into a mirror? Now let's introduce the ceramic foam filter manufacturer to you.

Basic methods of ceramic materials processing: ceramic materials generally need to go through blank cutting, grinding, grinding and polishing processes to make the required parts.

Product types: ceramic plunger, ceramic pump core, ceramic valve core, ceramic piston, ceramic shaft sleeve, ceramic sucker, microporous ceramics, etc. Materials: alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide.

Grinding and polishing is a kind of ultra-finishing machining method which uses free abrasive to remove the surface material to achieve the machining effect.

8b27cc022675c3383ab4e71f7c5d2b56In the ultra-finish machining and finishing machining of ceramic materials, especially in the precision machining of ceramic ball used for ceramic bearings, grinding and polishing processing has an irreplaceable position.

From the viewpoint of material removal mechanism, the grinding process is a processing method between brittle failure and elastic removal of zirconia ceramics, while the polishing process is essentially carried out in the range of elastic removal of materials.

Due to the tiny removal amount of zirconia ceramic material, the processing efficiency of grinding and polishing is low. The removal rate is closely related to the toughness of zirconia ceramic materials. The higher the toughness of zirconia ceramics, the lower the processing efficiency of zirconia ceramics. ​Commonly, it is only used in the final process of ultra-finishing processing of zirconia ceramics.

Grinding, polishing process of zirconia ceramic materials in general, the use of plane polishing machines in polishing alumina ceramics are using iron plate open coarse.

Then use a white cloth for polishing, but this efficiency is extremely low, usually after the white cloth polishing after 30-40 minutes to achieve the due mirror.

Optical glass, sapphire and other optical materials, silicon wafers, GaAs substrates and other semiconductor materials, zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics and other ceramic materials mirror processing mostly adopts grinding, polishing processing methods.

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