Silent, is also a kind of great wisdom

Humans have a gift for language, and we rely on it to get along with others in society.

Language is candied fruit is also poison, it can let the heart blossom, can let people fall cold pool.

In the process of communication, there must be language, which may be spoken or body language 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

But after living most of your life, you will realize that silence is also a kind of great wisdom.

"Words can either mask thoughts or expose them," Cato said.

You think that words can cover your heart and use lies as a shield to protect yourself, but what you don't know is that words can also reveal everything about you.

So, really transparent people will be in the following three things do not say.

Number one: Other people's business

All good relationships in the world require distance, just like the relationship between two people.

You know, again a beautiful thing. When you are closer to time, the more will hurt.

dd9a76fe7d65f4ae78c1aca7ae0e41f6If you stay close, you will find each other's faults. Close together, both sides will be over some small feelings of resentment.

Other people's business, you clearly shouldn't interfere in, but you end up meddling. In the end, it may be your fault.

You may even end up in a relationship that has been going on for years.

Just as Xiaolin quarreled with her boyfriend before, good friend Xiaolin put forward a lot of views for her, but after listening to Xiaolin more unhappy, later Xiaolin and boyfriend composite, the relationship between Xiaolin and Xiaolin is more and more awkward.

This is a very common thing in reality. After all, people will always say a lot of straightforward words on impulse, but when you react to the end it has been irreparable.

And there is no need to meddle in the affairs of life except the affairs of one's feelings.

What you think is good Samaritan is stupid in the eyes of many people.

While you may do good deeds without expecting anything in return, you should also think through the consequences and see the situation clearly.

In many cases, it's best if you don't say anything.

Don't talk, others will not look down at you; ​you have nothing to lose by not talking.

It's hard for chatty people to keep their mouths shut, but you really can't butt in on your own business, because the consequences of interrupting are likely to be bad.

Number two: people don't think well of you

People's lives seem to be arguing about what, can argue to argue, the other side still despises you, and you have been staying in place.

Really smart people, generally don't go to the views of others, because when you have no strength, what to say is futile.

If you spend that arguing time trying to make progress, you'll get them to look up to you sooner.

There are so many people in the world, you can't be liked by all of them, so you just cherish the people who like you, ignore the people who don't like you.

Silent is not you accept fate, but do not want to care. As long as you work hard enough, you will eventually stand at their unimaginable peak.

Third: children's future

Every family has a difficult to read. There are children's education is even more so. Many elders think their own ideas are the best, always to "good for you" and other words bound each other, but the result?

The child becomes introverted or rebellious, and the relationship between relatives deteriorates.

Parents are their children's first teachers, not to mention set an example, at least to take care of their children's emotions.

Children love things should be supported, rather than blindly use their own ideas to suppress them. Sometimes you do not say, you and children will have a better and better relationship.

Today is different from the past. The idea of the older generation is not applicable now. Parents should respect the idea of the child. If you feel that the matter is really inappropriate, then you can put forward your own suggestions.

Children have the ability to think. If you speak to them patiently, they will certainly listen to carefully consider.

The ancients said, "Still waters run deep, and people are steady."

A lot of things don't say are the best. There is a lot of wind and rain on the road of life, and these things can only be digested silently.

I have heard a saying: "There is great power in silence."

Burst in the quiet, let the seeds of happiness sprout, life can be smooth.

Therefore, people should learn to control their mouths. After all, Lengnuanzizhi, less talk and more work, let us all become wise in life.

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