wholesale jewelry jewelry loans Cai Wensheng's entrepreneurial example

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  1. nyc wholesale jewelry district "Southerners have a strong starting business than northerners, because the southerners have no big choice, and they think that this can make money. Northerners think too much business models, think too much, but do not do it. Do n’t do the best business. Going to the business model, it's all nonsense ... "After winning the FM365 domain name, Lenovo found Cai Wensheng through the middleman and proposed to spend one million yuan to buy it. As a result, Cai entered the center of the Internet for the first time -Beijing. "Later, I was persuaded by a deputy president of Lenovo and returned this domain name for free." So, Cai enjoyed the treatment of a central leader and visited Lenovo accompanied by an executive.
    Since then, Cai Wensheng became famous in the Internet circle, and he also made a friend such as Lei Jun.
    After 2003, Cai has gradually realized that although the buying and selling domain names have huge profits, it is just a personal business. However, after all, the domain name is the most basic application of the Internet. Through the domain name, he has studied China's outstanding websites again. At this time, he discovered HAO123, with various URLs on the homepage, but the traffic was extremely high, and Alexa ranked 100.
    The Tsai talked about a mandarin with a strong southern Fujian cavity, and used 3 writing boards before learning to use the input method. When he first saw HAO123 that listed all the useful websites on one page, he felt that this was the website that he was most needed, because as long as the hao123 was set to the homepage, you no longer need to enter the URL in pain.
    Cai Wensheng found a few people to form a team and decided to engage in one. At that time, he had three three -digit domain names 870, 716, and 265. He was done with 870 first. As a result, he did it for 1 week and the traffic was 100,000 yuan a day. Cai was even more convinced that "this seemingly fool's application is the needs of hundreds of millions of ordinary netizens in China."
    The resolute replacement of domain names to 265 domain names, and all the good domain names in his hand are directed at 265 domain names. By mid -2004, the daily flow of 265 had reached nearly 4 million. At this time, IDG's investment manager came to the door and hoped to invest 265 domain names. In Beijing, he saw the partner of IDG, and after a long time of the domain name business, Xiong Xiaoge and Zhou Quan next door came to listen to his storytelling. However, "they only understand half of the domain name business", and in the end, 265 received a million dollars of investment.
    The valuation is not very high, but Cai is the first to get VC investment among the grassroots webmaster. This halo effect makes Cai quickly become the elder brother of the webmaster. Entering the mainstream of the Internet. After gaining investment, 265 moved the company from Xiamen to Beijing, and Cai Benn began to have a direct contact with major Internet companies.
    In 2005, Wang Jianshuo, the CEO of the guests, once visited Cai Wensheng. In Cai's business card clip, it was found that there was a business card of a person in charge of investment affairs. The website, which is incompatible with the high -tech Google, is at the same time, and Google has not yet entered China at this time. In fact, 265 is Google's second investment in China, the first is Baidu.
    "In China, the website and the search engine are closely combined. The high -end users know the URL and can also type. You can directly search the engine. However, many low -end users do not know. The first search engine they contacted will determine what he will use in the future. This is why Baidu acquired HAO123 and Google to acquire 265. So far, the traffic from HAO123 is 20 million every day. "Cai Wensheng said.
    is worth mentioning that before looking for 265, IDG went to Xingning to find Li Xingping, but Li Zang's investment manager who was not good at talking was quite disappointed. With a big vision and ability, IDG puts its attention on the second place 265 of the website.
    When receiving investment, Cai Wensheng plans to acquire HAO123 and merge with 265. This can definitely be bigger.
    But Cai made a mistake. Because it was a competitor, Cai was worried that it was difficult for Li Xingping to communicate directly to Li Xingping. He expressed his willingness to acquire Li through various relationships, but Li refused. In August 2004, Cai suddenly discovered that the registration information of the HAO123 domain name changed. In September, Cai Wensheng personally went to Xingning to find Li, and then learned that Hao123 had been acquired by Baidu and lost the opportunity to merge.
    But the two people's understanding of the Internet is a shot. At that time, Cai had received the investment of IDG. Li Xingping consciously made this ability to deal with capital to be his own weaknesses. The limitation of personal websites was too much. The two could cooperate in other directions.
    and Li Xingping's understanding of users and the sensitivity to the product made Cai quite "worship". "He really has talent. Although in a small town, through the Internet, he The situation and traffic are clear, and there is no success in the world. "Cai Wensheng lamented," HAO123 will not say, he made an IP138, querying the IP address, it was not even a website, just a simple one Webpage, but it is very useful. There are millions of traffic in a day. I think he knows users in the Chinese Internet very much, and I know webmasters and knows products. "Cai Wensheng said.

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