3 thoughts on “waffle jewelry wholesale Shake more than 200,000 yuan?”

  1. wholesale mexican silver jewelry Douyin gold coins exchanged RMB 10,000: 1 yuan; so 200,000 were equivalent to 20 yuan.
    This is a virtual currency provided by Dou Yin, which can be used on the platform for related consumption. Users can use "Douyin" to purchase various gifts or other products or services on the platform. You can give the purchased virtual gifts to the anchor or creator of the platform, but "Shake Coin" cannot be exchanged for RMB.
    Douyin coins are mainly obtained by using RMB recharge. Users can recharge in the wallet of Douyin's personal center. One dollar is equivalent to 10 trembling coins.

    The expansion information:
    The main role of Douyin coin is to reward. When watching live broadcast, you can use shaking coins to buy virtual gifts for anchor. There are many gifts on the above, and the prices are different, such as:
    1, penalty kick: a shaking coin.

    2, Douyin: A shaking coin.

    3, lollipop: 9 shaking coins.

    4, I think OK: 9 shaking coins.


    6, fairy stick: 19 shaking coins.

    7, the medicine should be taken: 99 shaking coins.

    8, thuglife: 99 shaking coins.

    9, boom: 199 shaking coins.

    10, girlfriend/boyfriend: 233 shaking coins.

  2. buy sterling silver jewelry wholesale The shaking coin is an exclusive token on the Douyin platform. At present, the exchange ratio of shake and RMB is 10: 1, that is, 10 shake = 1 yuan, so 200,000 shake coins are equivalent to 20,000 yuan.

    This Reminder: The above amount is for reference only. For specific RMB exchange ratio, please refer to Douyin's official platform.
    The response time: 2020-09-15, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

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  3. jewelry auctions wholesale Hello,
    The exchange ratio with a certain exchange rate with Renminbi, according to the current exchange of coins and renminbi:
    10 shaking coins = 1 yuan
    , then
    200000 shaking coins = 20,000 yuan
    is also more income.

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