Methods to ensure the quality of automotive stamping parts

The general requirements of automotive stamping parts are very high, and the industry determines the precision of their needs. Metal stamping parts manufacturers in automotive stamping parts processing, how to ensure the quality of stamping parts? Yiwei Precision - more than 10 years committed to automotive stamping parts custom processing, for the automotive industry customers to provide customized and perfect solutions. Next, we will introduce the stamping factory to ensure the quality of automotive stamping parts.

1, automotive stamping parts in the case of tension will suffer from shrinkage deformation and production of wrinkles. In order to better prevent the generation of this kind of situation, we can improve the internal strength to pull stress to remove wrinkles, but also according to the promotion of tensile reinforcement and its half meridian reduction. If it's partially deformed, then your tensile force needs to be higher.

6a5ac3d6e63092b24b842f243f486e49If the deformation of the raw material outside is very large, then there will be cracking. If you want to prevent this kind of problem, you need to carry out cutting first, so as to ensure the quality of the embryo material.

2, if the stamping tensile deformation of partial deformation force is higher than the outer wall of raw materials, will cause the double stretch deformation, if the raw material can not on internal to fill, just think too much deformation, cause cracks, if you want to get rid of this kind of situation, should open by the method of cold stamping materials, ensure quality of the embryo of edge cross-sectional, thus improve 柸 is expected to edge, Select a moderate increase in raw material specifications to reasonably clear the concave and reverse edge blank material specifications.

3, using crude oil by grinding polishing surface he will appear a lot of glamour and bright mark, if say there is scratches or knock against it was all because everyone's actual operation personnel don't pay attention to, caused by the nature under the condition of the parts to carry out the capital turnover is very prone to scratches, if the capital turnover frequency more then produce the impact also can become more opportunities.

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