5 thoughts on “emitations jewelry wholesale in mumbai Is BTE legal?”

  1. co star jewelry wholesale In our country, digital currency is illegal. According to regulations, financial institutions and non -bank payment institutions shall not directly or indirectly provide account opening, registration, transaction, liquidation, settlement and other products for the issuance of financing and "virtual currency";
    The insurance business related to "virtual currency" may include tokens and "virtual currency" into the scope of insurance liability. If financial institutions and non -bank payment institutions have discovered the clues of illegal issues of financing transactions of the tokens, they shall report to the relevant departments in a timely manner.
    Extended information:
    The token of the issue of financing risk prevention and release, after the release, any so -called token, the margin trading platform shall not engage in legal currency and token. Sale or as a central opponent trading token, or "virtual currency", may not be able to provide token or "virtual currency" pricing and information intermediary services.
    The financial management department will request the telecommunications authority to close its website platform and mobile applications to request the network management department to revoke the mobile application from the application store from the application store and revoke its business license to the industrial and commercial administrative department in accordance with the law.

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