The difference between chip, semiconductor and integrated circuit

Many people are curious about the differences between chips, semiconductors and integrated circuits. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to reveal the secrets.

Chips, also known as microcircuits, microchips, integrated circuits. It is a small piece of silicon containing an integrated circuit, usually part of a computer or other electronic device. Chip is the general name of semiconductor component products, is the carrier of integrated circuit, by wafer segmentation. A silicon wafer is a very small piece of silicon that contains integrated circuits and is part of a computer or other electronic device.

A semiconductor is a material between a conductor and an insulator at room temperature. Semiconductors are widely used in radio, television and temperature measurement. For example, a diode is a device made of semiconductors. It is a material that controls conductance, ranging from insulators to conductors. From the point of view of technology and economic development, the importance of semiconductors is very huge. Today, most electronic products, such as computers, cell phones or digital recorders, are closely related to semiconductors. Common semiconductor materials include silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, and silicon is one of the most influential semiconductor materials in commercial applications.

An integrated circuit is a miniature electronic device or component. Using a certain process, the circuit required transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components and wiring connected in a small piece or a few small pieces of semiconductor chip or dielectric chip, and then packaged in the shell, forming a micro structure with the required circuit function; All components are structurally integrated, which makes electronic components a big step toward miniaturization, low power consumption, intelligence and high reliability. It is represented in circuits by the letter IC. The inventors of integrated circuits are germanium based integrated circuits and silicon based integrated circuits.

Integrated circuit technology includes chip manufacturing technology and design technology, mainly reflected in processing equipment, processing technology, packaging test, mass production and design innovation ability.

A chip is a square thing that can be seen by the naked eye. However, a chip also includes various chips, such as baseband and voltage conversion.

The range of integrated circuits is much wider. Even if some resistive capacitor diodes are integrated together, it may be a chip for analog signal conversion or a chip for logic control, but in general, the concept tends to be more underlying.

Chip is short for integrated circuit. In fact, the real meaning of the word chip refers to one of the larger semiconductor chips in the integrated circuit packaging, the tube chip. Strictly speaking, chips and integrated circuits are not interchangeable. Integrated circuits are manufactured by semiconductor technology, thin film technology and thick and thin film technology. Any circuit that miniaturizes some function in the form of some encapsulated circuit can be called an integrated circuit. A semiconductor is a substance between a good conductor and a bad conductor (or insulator).

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