Guide for selection of single-phase and three-phase guideway electricity meters

At present, the installation of the terminal energy meter generally adopts the traditional wall-mounted installation method, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation. The guideway watt-hour meter adopts a modular design, which has the advantages of small size, easy installation, easy networking and so on. It is easy to realize the terminal energy measurement, and it is convenient to install a watt-hour meter in the circuit.

Guide for selection of single-phase and three-phase guideway electricity meters

Guideway electricity meter is a new generation of micro intelligent electricity meter. It is used for 380V/220V/100V/57.7V, adopts standard DIN35mm guideway installation, structure modular design, width and micro breaker circuit matching, can be easily installed in the lighting box.

The ELECTRIC meter adopts LCD display to measure electric energy and other electrical parameters, and can set parameters such as clock and rate period, and has the function of electric energy pulse output. ​The RS485 communication interface can be used to exchange data with the host computer.

The guideway electric energy meter has the advantages of compact size, high precision, good reliability and easy installation. The performance indexes meet the technical requirements of the national standard GB/T 17215, GB/T 17883 and the electric power industry standard DL/T614. It is suitable for the sub-metering of electric energy in government agencies and large public buildings. ​It can also be used for enterprises and institutions for power management assessment.

Because of its miniaturized structure, the guideway watt-hour meter can be easily used together with the micro circuit breaker and installed in the terminal distribution box. It provides an effective solution for energy metering of low voltage terminal. It can be widely used in buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, ports and factories.

First, the selection of single-phase rail type electricity meter

DDS1352 single-phase electronic watt-hour meter is a new generation of miniature watt-hour meters. Set measurement, metering, LCD display, communication in one, its high reliability with high stability, low power consumption, power failure, data preservation and other advantages.

DDSD1352 SINGLE-PHASE ELECTRONIC WATT-HOUR METER IS MAINLY USED TO MEASURE SINGLE-PHASE ACTIVE ELECTRIC ENERGY IN LOW-VOLTAGE NETWORK, AND CAN measure electrical parameters such as voltage, current and power AT the same time. It has an infrared communication function and RS485 communication function, which is convenient for users to monitor, collect and manage electricity. The product has the advantages of high precision, small volume, easy installation and so on. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize the metering, statistics and analysis of electrical energy in different areas and different loads.

Selection of two - phase guideway electric energy meter

DTSD1352 guideway electric energy meter, is mainly aimed at the power system, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities of energy statistics, management needs and design of an intelligent instrument. The product has the advantages of high precision, small size, easy installation, etc.. Integrated measurement of all power parameters and rich power measurement and assessment management provide all kinds of power data statistics in the last 48 months. With 2-31 times of divided harmonic and total harmonic content detection, with switch input and switch output can realize the function of "remote communication" and "remote control", and has alarm output. With RS485 communication interface, ModBUS-RTU or DL/T645-2007 protocol can be selected.

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