How to Buy a sex doll?

As an elderly baby owner, there are always pretty new people who ask me this question, how to buy a suitable doll for their own.Today I'm going to give you a systematic look at the 2022 sex dolls, so you don't have to go down the road of dealing with "tuition kids" and "balloon kids."

First of all, understand that there are numerous types of sex dolls, from the "Fuwa," which is a tall dimensional analog of the muppet sex doll, to the extremely anthropomorphic "adult toy" doll. So before you buy a doll, you should understand which attributes you prefer.

In addition to the corresponding homebody attribute baby friends, more people choose the 140cm sex doll with elevated anthropomorphism.

Let me start with the "Fuwa", short for "Fuwa" cheerful doll, a product of the transition from blow-up doll to sex doll, the advantages of affordable, lightweight, and simple.

It is easy to replace the outer skin, because the material is mostly cloth, which can be removed and washed. And lightweight, anytime anywhere is a humanoid throw pillow.

As for sex dolls, there are three types on the market: all-silicone, all-TPE, and a combination of a silicone head and a TPE body.

①, all silica gel

All-silicone sex dolls are highly malleable and imitative, and their price is due to the fact that the material is far removed from other sex dolls. At present, the average price of 8000+ is normal. Of course, if you want a more advanced simulation, it will be more costly. After all, you get what you pay for.

The picture shows one of my senior dolls. I remember it was customized at that time. When the dolls arrived, I could see the verisimilitude on them, the swelling of blood vessels under the skin, and the fine lines of pores. Don't ask how often, asking is costly.

This is the first silicone doll I've ever bought, and it's costly for a reason. Not to mention the alternative, the degree of anthropomorphism alone is fairly steep, and the plasticity of the doll's head structure is strong, nearly 1:1, it is difficult to see the true or false without a close look. Of course, if you have great makeup skills yourself, the icing on the cake will only make you more excited.

The oil output of all silicone dolls is extremely low, and it feels silky and refreshing, and the silicone is not easy to stain. ​Excellent silica gel also has a light taste, some people think it is fragrance, some people think it is milk.

​Costly silicone dolls also have shortcomings, silicone dolls in the tear type wound are unable to repair, which needs baby owners care.

(2) Total TPE sex

To tell the truth, the price of TPE is considerably closer to the people than the silica gel, so many friends at the beginning I still recommend TPE material. The general difference is about 3000-4000, which is more in line with most of the domestic consumption level. TPE material is the biggest characteristic of softness, strong performance. The second is that it can be fixed! Minor damage caused by your interaction with the doll can be repaired.

But the problem is the same, TPE material will surely be more oil than all silica gel. ​Therefore we have to wash the doll frequently and use talcum powder to suppress the oil. (PS: TPE dolls are slightly more smelly than silicone dolls.)

TPE dolls are also easy to dye. Personal advice is to wear less dark clothes, light colors are a fine choice.

③, combined doll

With a lifelike head and a soft body, like a yogi, the flexibility is truly fascinating. Let me show you my collection first. (PS: It was the same Lifano product.)

​can be understood as the combination of the advantages of two materials, cost-effective. However, this combination, not numerous individuals can resist this, both discount and tactile enjoyment.

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