What is hdpe material drain pipe

There is a type of drainage pipe called HDPE, which is a kind of material? What are the performance features?Today, we HDPE pipe manufacturers will share with you.

A, what is the material of the HDPE drainpipe?

1. The main material of HDPE drain pipe is polyethylene resin, extrusion molding, thermoplastic pipe formed by pressure action. It is the replacement of traditional steel pipe and drainage pipe, mainly used for rainwater and sewage discharge work, so it is widely used in the construction of highways, railways and subways.

2. As a drainage system, its performance is extremely stable, because the corrosion resistance is relatively strong, the inner wall of the pipeline is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to cause the blockage problem, which makes the whole drainage system more unobstructed. Compared with other drainage pipes of the same caliber, the cost is relatively low.

3, the drainage pipe must bear a certain pressure, to choose PE resin as raw material, to ensure its high compressive strength. At the same time, it also has certain crack resistance and aging resistance, and the service life can reach 50 years.

3bb378f5b4909d3ff481aaac1b773c8fSecond, what are the ways of pipeline connection?​

1, the pipeline connection is the most essential part of the installation process. The connection in place, can ensure the sealing effect is better, later is not prone to the problem of water leakage.

2. One way is to fix the pipes on the flanges, add flange washers, and finally through bolts to make a closer connection between the two.

3, can take the method of welding, is also the most influential connection method. It can be fused or pressure welded, mainly used for metal pipes or pipes with large diameter, to ensure that the sealing performance is more prominent.

4. You can also take the method of clamping connection, use hydraulic pliers, and then fix the pipe fitting on the pipe to achieve the effect of connection. Some will take threaded connection, relatively suitable for some pipe diameter is relatively little pipe material, used in plain pipe installation method.

Xiaobian summary: the above introduction is about what material HDPE is a drain pipe, the internal added resin composition, making its corrosion resistance and pressure resistance more prominent.

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