wholesale jewelry scarf Why is the most baby in the Cixi tomb the gold and silver jewelry, but her "corpse cloth"?

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5 thoughts on “wholesale jewelry scarf Why is the most baby in the Cixi tomb the gold and silver jewelry, but her "corpse cloth"?”

  1. cork jewelry wholesale When it comes to the Empress Dowager Cixi in the Qing Dynasty, everyone must be familiar with. The queen mother can be described as luxurious life, collecting power, and pushing down the late Qing Dynasty to loneliness and dying. Don't look at her endless noble, and after death, she is also extremely luxurious. Her tomb, funeral and other items are all made of heavy money, and the value is not enough to describe her extravagance. So what is the most valuable among the many babies in Cixi Tomb? Is it the jewelry and jade that is dense all over? Or the night pearl in her mouth? The answer was not. The most baby in the Cixi tomb was her "corpse cloth".

    looking at Cixi's tomb, those treasures are enough to be dazzling, and casual beads on the crown are worth hundreds of millions of yuan. "Wrap the corpse"? It turned out that we were "eye -catching" without knowing the goods. This "corpse cloth" is not a general cloth. It is the "Dharani Sutra" of Tibetan Buddhism.
    This "Dharani Sutra" was completed by ten layers. Each layer was carried out according to the manufacturing process of the dragon robe. All embroidery was completed according to the hardest and most beautiful "Silk Show". And all use the golden line. I do n’t know how many embroidery maids should be done together. In addition to this exquisite embroidery worker, the "Dharani Sutra" is also inlaid with countless pearls with the same size. This quilt can be said to be luxurious and extremely precise.

    The "Dharani Sutra" is said to be the most precious item in Cixi's funeral. In addition to its craftsmanship, its historical value is far more than those jewelry gold and silver. This "Dharani Sutra" reflects the culture and integration of Tibetan Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty, which has extremely important historical value for modern Buddhist research and traceability. Essence

    The Cixi Tomb has been stolen many times in the long river of long years, and this "Dharani Sutra" survived because of the grave robbers' eyes. The study of cultural relics is really a blessing. However, so many valuable treasures in Cixi Tomb are enough to see Cixi's extravagance. It is hard to imagine. No wonder Cixi was the initiator of the Qing Dynasty's ultimate death. It is not unreasonable to think about it.

  2. good quality fashion jewelry wholesale That's because Cixi is so rich, his corpse cloth is absolutely unusual, and it is made of those special materials, which is particularly precious.

  3. wholesale jewelry cheaper by the dozen The fabric of this cloth is a material that has been lost now, and the weaving method has been lost, so it is valuable than gold and silver treasures.

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