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  1. wholesale kentucky jewelry In recent years, urban families have been miniaturized, and large fruit watermelon has become more and less popular with citizens. The characteristics of small watermelons are favored by consumers due to beautiful appearance, delicate flesh, good flavor, and small melon small. The high economic benefits of small watermelons have also stimulated the enthusiasm of the cultivation of melon farmers. The cultivation area has continued to rise. It has extensive cultivation in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan, Shandong, and Henan. However, the fertility characteristics of small watermelons are significantly different from ordinary watermelon, so they also have its particularity in cultivation. The cultivation technology of small watermelons is now introduced as follows.
    1 variety selection
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    Small watermelons are generally cultivated as a protective place, which requires our purpose of choosing varieties. According to market demand, choose varieties with fast growth, melon, and excellent quality under low temperature conditions, such as Yimei in Yuyuan, early spring red jade.
    2 Cultivation Season
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    Due to the short growth period of small watermelon, it can be cultivated throughout the year. At present, it is mostly produced in the production of precocious grounds and autumn posture. The specific cultivation season can be determined according to local warmth, light, heat and protection of land facilities. For example, the cultivation of sunlight greenhouse in Henan can be sowed from late December to early January, planted in mid -February, and harvested around May 1st. List in the middle of the year. The cultivation of greenhouses must be covered with 3 to 5 layers of membranes to prevent cold and insulation and promote the normal growth of seedlings at low temperature. You can also be cultivated in the autumn of the greenhouse. It can be sowed in mid -to -late July and was planted in early August. It was listed around the National Day.
    3 Sowing seedlings
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    3.1 Planting seeds of puppies small watermelon thousands of weight, thin seed skin, and should not be too long. Stam with 55 ° C water first, keep stirring until the room temperature, soak the seeds for 3 to 4 hours, wash the mucus on the surface of the seeds and dry the water, wrap it with a wet wool towel, place it in the environment of 28-30 ° C environment. Remove germination.
    3.2 One week before sowing, the seedling sheds were kept insulation, and the nutritional soil of the bowl was poured through the bottom water. The sowing time is suitable for the afternoon of the sunny day, 1 bowl of 1, the seeds are flat, and the nutrient soil is covered with 0.5 to 1 cm after sowing, and the ground membrane is covered. When most seeds are unearthed, the membrane should be unveiled. After the seedlings, the day temperature should be controlled at about 25 ° C, and the night temperature should be 15-18 ° C to prevent high -footed seedlings. The first real leaves should be appropriately increased to promote growth. Stop watering from 5 to 7 days before planting, and refine the wind. In the autumn extension, the seedling stage is at a high temperature season. Pay attention to shading and cooling and moisturizing. This period of the seeds is fast, the seedlings grow fast, and the seedling age should not be too large. Generally, it is appropriate to be 10 days.
    4 Sowing during the period
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    This Early maturing cultivation requires about 50 days of seedlings for seedlings, and small seedlings are easy to form stiff seedlings due to low temperature. The planted plot should be selected with low groundwater level, convenient discharge irrigation, and no melon crops for more than 3 years. 2,000 to 2500 kg of organic fertilizer and 30 kg of compound fertilizer are required per mu before planting. The temperature of the soil in early spring should be stabilized above 15 ° C, the temperature is above 12 ° C. Choose a sunny day, and the summer planting should be carried out in the evening.
    The small watermelons promoted in China are mostly growing up. At the same time, in order to increase the yield, one seedlings are needed. Therefore, it is necessary to properly plant it. The ground -type cultivation is 180 to 200 cm wide, and the plant spacing is 60 cm. The four vines are used, and 550 to 600 plants can be planted per acre. The middle of the vertical shelf cultivation is 80 cm wide, and two rows are planted. The widths on both sides are 120-150 cm wide. 1 row is planted. The plant spacing is 35-40 cm. The density of planting should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to cause crazy seedlings and not easy to sit in melon.
    5 Field Management
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    5.1 The temperature and humidity management of the temperature and humidity management will only unveil the grass curtain within 3 days before planting. Before May, it usually only ventilates at noon temperature at noon, and is kept above 15 ° C in the evening. As many as possible, ventilation and cooling at noon, pay attention to gradually increase the amount of ventilation from small to large. Close the shed in rainy days and keep the coverage as much as possible at noon to see the light to prevent the pride. After the autumn delay, the shed film is covered with the shed film and ventilate. It is mainly to prevent the sun and sunstream sun cooling. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent drought and moisturizing, and promote the growth of seedlings.
    5.2 Fertilizer and water management Master lightly applied seedlings fertilizer, applied vine fertilizer, controlled fertilizer water during flowering, large hypertrophy of hypertrophy promotes the expansion of the fruit after the fruit. Before sitting in watermelon, according to the growth of the plant, generally do not pursue it, especially before and after the flowering period, prevent the fruit from sitting on the long time. Only when the growth is poor, the fast -acting fertilizer is appropriately applied when the early growth is slow. The puff is kept moist during the field, but it does not accumulate water, and the water is controlled 7 days before harvesting. Otherwise, irrigation will easily cause cracks to affect the quality of melon.
    5.3 The small watermelon of the whole branches and the vine greenhouse grows strong, and the whole pruning must be strict according to the specific situation. 2 vines or 3 vines are generally used. In order to improve precocity, the main vine and the thickest one or two side vines are retained, and the rest of the vines are removed. The first time the whole pruning should not be too early, otherwise it will affect the growth potential. Generally, the whole pruning starts at 60 to 80 cm of the vines and performs 2 to 3 times. The advantage of this whole pruning is that female flowers appear early, and the results can be listed early. The disadvantage is that the results period is extended, and the fruit is mature and inconsistent. Another method is to top up in the 6 -leaf period. Choose 3 to 5 vines that grow similarly to remove the remaining vines and Sun Man. The advantages of this whole pruning are similar results, neat fruit and high commodity. When the suspension is cultivated, it should be used to fix the vines or pull the rope when the vines are 40 cm long to prevent the vines from being blown by the wind and affect the photosynthetic effect.
    5.4 Premature cultivation of fruit protection places Due to the low temperature of the pollination period, there are few gourds in male flowers, and male flower pollination is required to use other large fruit types to facilitate melon. The second female flower of the main vine can be removed early. When the plant is long, the sauce can be lower, suppressing the strength, and the weak growth in the early stage. The appearance of running melon not only pushed melon, but also delayed harvesting, but also the fruit shape of the watermelon is not as positive, large, thick, hollow and fiber. The amount of fruits can be dependent on the vines. Generally, the double vines leave 1 or 2 fruits, the three vines leave 2 fruits, the four vines leave 3 fruits, and the five vines leave 4 fruits.
    6 Pests and insect pests
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    For leaf blight and anthracnose during the growing period of watermelon growth, 60%anti -mildew 500 times liquid or 80%big birth 800 can be applied during the initial flowering period Double liquid, once every 1 week, 2 to 4 consecutive times. For epidemic diseases and vine blight, 64%anti -virus alum 600 times or 72%gram dew was sprayed at the beginning of flowering, and once a week, it can be 2 to 4 times a week. After transplantation, the withered disease was used to prevent the roots of 600 times the roots of 40%melon. At the beginning of the onset, the Green Heng No. 1 10 grams and the Green Heng No. 2 were mixed with 40 grams. Aphids can be sprayed with 2500 times nioprodacin or 1000 times liquid.

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