What are the recent development trends of electronic components?

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What are electronic components?

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How to distinguish the true and false OF IC chip?

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How to judge the quality of the chip

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How to measure the quality of analog power chip?

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Introduction to esd protection for microelectronic components

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Why do electronic components use semiconductor materials?

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BSO615C G_ Power device _ Power MOSFET_ Complementary Power MOSFET

Mosfets - Is part of Infineon's well-known low-voltage OptiMOS™ family, which is the market leader in high-efficiency solutions for power generation (e.g. solar microinverters), power sources (e.g. servers and telecommunications),… Read more

BTS4300SGA is a dual channel intelligent high-side power switch

Character description Suitable for 12V application Overload protection Current limit Short circuit protection Restart during thermal shutdown Overvoltage protection (including load drop) Fast demagnetization of inductive load External current reverse… Read more

IKP15N60T_ Power device _IGBT- Insulated gate bipolar transistor

600V, 15A discrete IGBT with reverse parallel diode in TO220 package The hardswitch 600V, 15A Trench Digger ™ IGBT3 is used in conjunction with the full continuous diode in the… Read more