How to judge the quality of the chip

The quality of chips is mainly determined by three factors: market, performance and reliability. First, in the early stages of chip development, it is necessary to conduct a thorough market… Read more

BTS5210G DC-DC converter

The BTS5210G DC-DC converter is an N-channel vertical power MOSFET with a charge pump, ground reference CMOS compatible input and diagnostic feedback, integrated in intelligent SIPMOS technology. The BTS5210G device… Read more

Identification of electronic components on circuit boards

Commonly used devices on the circuit board include: resistance, capacitance, diode, triode, thyristor, touch switch, liquid crystal, light-emitting diode, buzzer, various sensors, chips, relays and so on. And electronic components… Read more

What are the characteristics of the new electronic components?

Features of new electronic components 1, electronic components is entering a new type of electronic components as the main body of a new generation of components, it will basically replace… Read more

How to choose electronic components

Complex electronic systems and instruments are made up of large alligator resistors, capacitors, electrical sensors, relays, connectors, discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits and other electronic components. Electronic components (hereinafter… Read more

Grade introduction of electronic components

Common electronic components are generally in accordance with the use of temperature, radiation, interference and so on to grade. The grades are divided into the following 5 categories: Commercial, industrial,… Read more